Call us at 1 315 4971058. Fagus sylvatica defies the rule that you must plant an evergreen hedge for year-round privacy. It was planted as a memorial for fallen soldiers and today is a popular tourist attraction. jQuery( document ).ready(function( jQuery ) { slideDistance: 5, Beech hedges add beauty, privacy, and quiet to public parks. arrows: true, Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Beech Hedging. There are a number of immediate benefits to choosing a European Beech hedge: Fagus sylvatica has an attractive upright-oval to rounded-spreading crown when left alone and can be pruned to any desired hedge style. Beech Hedges (Question) Where can I buy beech hedging in quantities/ bundles suitable for planting correctly. autoplayDelay: 5000, }); WebFont.load({ thumbnailWidth: 263, Beneficial insects like ladybugs, lacewings, and parasitic wasps can also help control populations of the woolly beech aphid and other insect pests. A small patio space beside this suburban home effectively extends the living area of the home by using an InstantHedge along with a trellis/arbor for a roof of vining plants! Beech hedges can easily be grown in planters anywhere, including patios, balconies, and green roofs. This second flush of leaves will be the most likely to stay on the branches through the winter to provide screening. startSlide: 0, Planting a Beech hedge Prices shown are the price per plant, other than the discounted packs of 250, 500 and 1000. European beech, while deciduous, provides a lush, green screen from spring to early fall. }); .slider-pro{font-family:'Open Sans',Arial}#example3_2053 .title-in{color:#00000!important;font-family:Montserrat!important;font-weight:bolder;text-align:center}#example3_2053 .title-in-bg{background:rgba(255,255,255,.5)!important;white-space:unset!important;max-width:100%;min-width:30%;transform:initial!important}#example3_2053 .desc-in{color:#000000!important;font-family:Montserrat!important;text-align:center}#example3_2053 .desc-in-bg{white-space:unset!important;max-width:80%;min-width:90%;transform:initial!important;text-align:center!important;border:0 solid #000}#example3_2053 .sp-thumbnail{color:#ffffff!important}#example3_2053 .read-more-color{color:#7B85F4!important;display:block;-webkit-box-shadow:none;box-shadow:none}.slider-pro a:hover{-webkit-box-shadow:none;box-shadow:none}#example3_2053 .sp-button{border:2px solid #ffffff!important;width:10px;height:10px}#example3_2053 .sp-selected-button{background-color:#ffffff!important}#example3_2053 .sp-next-arrow::after,#example3_2053 .sp-next-arrow::before,#example3_2053 .sp-previous-arrow::after,#example3_2053 .sp-previous-arrow::before{background-color:#000000!important}#example3_2053 .sp-full-screen-button{font-weight:bolder;color:#000000!important}#example3_2053 .sp-selected-thumbnail{border:4px solid #ffffff!important}.sp-selected-thumbnail::before{border-bottom:5px solid #ffffff!important}.sp-selected-thumbnail::after{border-bottom:13px solid #ffffff!important}@media (max-width:860px){#example3_2053 .hide-medium-screen{display:none}}@media (max-width:640px){#example3_2053 .sp-layer{font-size:12px}#example3_2053 .hide-small-screen{display:none}}.fnf{background-color:#272e31;border-radius:5px;color:#fff;font-family:initial;text-align:center;padding:12px}.uris-slider-title{font-family:Montserrat}. loop: true, Most roots grow in the upper two feet of the soil, so a generous application of mulch around the base of the hedge will help protect the roots, especially if you are planting in an area with high foot or vehicle traffic. Even if branches are bare (perhaps from an early spring windstorm right before spring flush), they are smooth, silvery, and beautiful. can be planted in most soil types, needs to be planted 3, will typically grow from 1 foot to 18 inches in a year. Beech leaves turn brown in autumn, but are retained for winter months. European Beech (Fagus sylvatica) is a classic hedge choice that has been used to create beautiful hedges for thousands of years. height: 618, European Beech is a forgiving and easy-to-grow hedge. This seating area is thoughtfully enclosed by a European beech (Fagus sylvatica) InstantHedge. Although beech does not thrive in salty coastal climates, it is tolerant of urban pollution and is a great city tree. smallSize: 500, With over 25 varieties and 3 convenient heights available, our hedges are perfect for privacy, to create garden rooms, or border plantings. The hedge can grow up to up to 10m in height. What a stately, impressive entryway is created with these tall European beech (Fagus sylvatica) hedges lining the driveway. imageScaleMode: 'contain', A striking formal garden can be created using simply beech hedges of varying heights and colors. Borers, beech bark disease, canker and powdery mildew are all possible. When you purchase a European Beech InstantHedge, you are guaranteed a vigorous, healthy, finished hedge from day one. Where homes are fairly close to each other, a well-placed hedge like this yew (Taxus) can make your outdoor space more inviting. European beech (Fagus sylvatica) creates an effective screen and sound barrier along a busy road. The shorter boxwood (Buxus) hedge in front is mirrored on a larger scale by the purple-and-green European beech (Fagus sylvatica) hedge on the right. The hedges will do just fine the next year if planted in summer, but there may be some premature browning of the leaves in the first summer of planting. loop: true, jQuery( document ).ready(function( jQuery ) { thumbnailsPosition: 'bottom', If grown as a hedge, trim in late winter, while still dormant, and again in early summer, once the spring growth matures. Three European beech (Fagus sylvatica) InstantHedge units sit on a pallet ready to be shipped. thumbnailWidth: 263, largeSize: 3000, Copyright © 2019 A 5-6' European beech (Fagus sylvatica) InstantHedge unit put in biodegradable cardboard ready to be planted. Beech Hedging Plants (Fagus sylvatica) Beech forms a beautiful, native, formal hedge with dark green leaves that turn bronze/gold in autumn. This will give you small plants for a low starting price. Tall beech hedges form a dramatic screen on either side of this path. The good news is that the aphid won’t cause any permanent damage to the plants and is easy to treat. thumbnailHeight: 220, document.getElementById('Enter-other-text').style.display = 'block'; The leaves begin with a subtle golden-green before becoming brighter and finally, a stunning coppery colour.