Also, questions related to filling the blanks are asked in many government examinations. Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete. option C is correct. The English schemed to continue their rule in India by playing off one community ...... the other. Tackle is a handling way of a problem, Cope means to increase, to raise and Draw is to cause to move and erase is deletion. Fill in the Blanks questions and answers of English Language for private & government jobs, competitive examination and entrance test, interview, online preparation. option A is correct. And Areas of the city were not going to merged. Plunge means to push or thrust quickly and to jump or dive quickly energetically. You fall "in" a relationship and you fall "out" of a relationship. Generally long mouth is not used in sad/shock it is used at the time of angry or an excitement situations. So here merged is not used as it means to combine. Here we are providing such type of questions in the Quiz you have to choose the correct word as answer by careful observation of the sentence. I don't really know how to ...... the problem. Enlarge means to make or to become larger or to more extensive. This is about relationship Kinship. Many of the advances of civilisation have been conceived by young people just on the ...... of adulthood. Dear Students, We are providing new questions of “Fill in the blanks English Grammar” so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis.These questions are framed by our Educational experts after Researched your needs thoroughly. All Rights Reserved . And extend means to cause to cover a wide area. option B is correct. Copyright © 2020 ExamHub . Fill in the Blanks Practice Question and Answers Many areas of the city were ...... into darkness for several hours. use free online tests at free of cost. So long face is prefered here. With, General Awareness / General Knowledge (GK). Fill in the blanks means filling the blank with the appropriate word according to the sentence so that it senses both grammatically and semantically. Promised means to make statement of doing working and Assure means to make sure, Advised means suggestion and counselled is also advising. The family gave father a gold watch on the ...... of his fiftieth birthday. Find the ...... that accompany these cartoons. Fill in the blanks English Grammar. The passengers were afraid, but the captain ...... them that there was no danger. So here the park is not enlarging with river but extending till the river. option C is correct. ASSURED is correct option. Headings is the short summary about a paragraph or news and topic is a piece of content. About Fill in the blanks Quiz Questions. The purpose of filling the blanks in the exam is to test English grammar correctly. Fill in the blanks fully solved questions and answers useful for competitive exams like IBPS, SBI, SSC, RRB, GATE etc. Caption is a brief word or sentence on a photo or poster. Solved examples with detailed answer … option A is correct. Titles are the main lines of the movies or books. occasion means a special day and celebration is to celebrate. Brothers must live in harmony. Arti pulled a long ...... when she was told that she could not go to Agra. Threshold means the starting point for a new state or experience option B is correct. The questions in this topic, have some spaces inside the sentence, in which proper verbs, prepositions, adjectives, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, and conjunctions have to fill. option C is correct.