The Englander in San Leandro has a good selection of English beers on tap. You will find a nearly endless list of beers to explore in this style and they're all very approachable for any type of beer drinker. and … Each style of traditional English ale … Careers Love beer and looking for a job in an exciting and fun environment? Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale is a great example of the American interpretation of this classic English … However, a reputation gained in the cask can often lead to increased sales of the bottled version, despite a drop in quality - and this has happened to this beer. The selection of beers, ales, lagers, bitters and more may depend on whether the pub is tied to a brewery or a free house. Tap 2, House Pale Ale: Great Divide Denver. This is balanced a bit toward the English direction because the last thing any bar needs is another IPA masquerading as a pale ale. So there you are - 30 classic English bottled ales. Reply d. DavidT Jan 11, 2007 03:19 AM If you are ever driving out to Stinson Beach in Marin, be sure to stop at … Learn More Pale ales are among the most popular beers on the market today.