Mostly made in plastic (except the base) it may look cheap for some people (This part didn't really bother me). This allowed me to put it on my mic arm. For those of you waiting on this, hang in there! It gets better with time and is a great investment. Discussion. It's a good mic, the master piece is the software that come with it (but Voicemeeter is doing the same job for free). the software that comes with has some audio issue and i think my cable has some issue as well as i occasionally get bouts of robot voice, but otherwise its a really nice mic. Premium Microphone & … I took a chance on this one (even though it's an Elgato product) because I needed something that was more intuitive to my streaming needs than other software programs. The Elgato Wave 3 USB microphone is one of the best streaming microphones you can buy today, and while it's only discounted by $1 during Black Friday--we're guessing that Best Buy is simply … It suits the needs of just about everyone short of the most attentive audiophile. If you can get a hold of this product you should! You maybe need to YouTube if you don’t understand the direction you are pointing your sounds too. The software included for the Wave:3 makes setup and use completely hassle-free and it fulfills the promise made by Elgato to transform your streams. Value is great and the controls are great. International customers can shop on and have orders shipped to any U.S. address or U.S. store. I bought this mic the moment they revealed it and said it had a clipguard feature. The audio of the mic itself is not as good as the Yeti X for a similar price tag. This USB condenser microphone is great for starters who are trying to start streaming. Playing around in app and windows settings, I believe I experience way less. Comes with a very sturdy and heavy base to keep the mic in place. Honestly, such a great product for the money. Elgato Wave:3 USB Microphone The Elgato WAVE:3 is more than just a swanky looking USB-C microphone, it also offers built in mixing features to combine other That's if the system will even allow them to do so. The only issue I have is that I adjust the channels for certain games every time I open it. Microphones & Live Sound. Would I buy again? Treat yourself to this and you’ll never second guess if you made the right choice out of all the others. While the Elgato … Which was an extra 60-70 to spend. I use it for conference calls and podcasts- will it work for professional studios? Condenser Microphones. Elgato Wave:3 – USB Condenser Microphone and Digital Mixer for Streaming, Recording, Podcasting - Clipguard, Capacitive Mute, Plug & Play for PC / Mac: Computers & Accessories Shop Elgato Wave:1 at Best Buy. i saw complaints about the cheap plastic build quality but honestly it's fine. I ended up buying the shock mount and the pop filter to complete the package. I was contemplating going xlr to ai until a buddy of mine told me about the mic. User rating, 4.6 out of … Price Match Guarantee. A must-buy! For myself I have a 8000 BTU AC in my room and produces a lot a background audio and I was still able to get great audio by paring it with RTX Voice (which reduces background noise, but ha e to be little carefull with noise suppression %, too much suppression gives you muffled audio). Software is extremely versatile as it allows you to have multiple sound channels at once with 2 sliders (one for you to hear and the other for your audience to hear) and all controlled independently from each other. All in all, though, the Wave 3 is an excellent device suitable for any streamers looking to get into the hobby without needing to buy a professional XLR microphone and waiting until the GoXLR or other audio decks are no longer being price-gouged.