I'm trying to find Economic Anthropology Graduate Programs. Course Description This seminar examines the major issues that have confronted anthropologists as they have analyzed economies, and as they have contributed to the wider debates in economic discourse. Anthropology graduate programs that award terminal master's degrees are rare because most programs require students to complete master's degree coursework while earning doctorate degrees. More information about application and admission can be found on the Graduate School website. 7. Generally, an Anthropology student may apply to Linguistics for the joint degree program at the end of the second year or later, after having successfully completed the first-year program in Anthropology and the core (first-year) coursework and examinations in Linguistics. Economic anthropology of Xinjiang, China. I'm trying to find Economic Anthropology Graduate Programs. Graduate Program in Linguistic Anthropology We train graduate students to carry out research in a broad range of communities and settings where complex issues of language choice and variation are tied to other social phenomena, such as migration and transnational processes, gender, education, religion, politics, race, and social class. Graduate Coordinator: Christine Beitl, Associate Professor of Anthropology, 5773 South Stevens Hall, Room … Archived . Three special programs focus academic activities around particular faculty strengths—archaeology of complex Hi, everyone! The Applied Community and Economic Development (ACED) sequence is an interdisciplinary program that enables those who are passionate about social change through service to take their careers to the next level. The Rutgers Graduate Program in Cultural Anthropology offers training at one of the country’s top comprehensive research universities in the major areas of cultural/linguistic anthropology, including economic, environmental, feminist, historical, legal, medical, political, postcolonial, psychological, symbolic, and urban anthropology. Anthropology 70800: Economic Anthropology Fall, 2006 Professor Michael Blim [email protected] Office hours: Thursdays and Fridays, drop-in and by appt. Graduate; Anthropology - Applied Community & Economic Development; Overview . Influence of industrialization on subsistence societies. The sequence is designed for returned Peace Corps Volunteers and students with other development … I'm a current Econ major, minoring in math at the University of Cincinnati and was wondering if there were any programs in the United States that focused on Anthropology and Economics. Close. Minimum number of credits required to graduate: 36 (w/ related Master’s); 60 (without) Minimum cumulative GPA required to graduate: 3.0 Application deadline for fall admission: January 15. Graduate study in anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh covers a wide range of geographical and topical specialties in all four subfields of anthropology (social and cultural anthropology, archaeology, physical anthropology, and anthropological linguistics). Posted by 6 years ago. Changes in the mode of production and social organization, transformation of cultures and values. Financialization and consumerism, construction of identities through consumption.