Common Names: Eclectus parrot, Solomon Island eclectus parrot, Grand eclectus parrot, yellow-sided eclectus parrot, Vosmaeri eclectus parrot, blue-bellied eclectus parrot, red-sided eclectus parrot, dusky eclectus parrot. Eclectus parrots are known to survive and reproduce for up twenty-eight years in captivity, and anywhere up to fifty years in the wild. The average lifespan of the eclectus parrots in captivity is unknown, since these birds were not kept in captivity in great numbers until the 1980s. The maximum reliably recorded longevity for this species is 28.5 years, but a … Mostly active (and noisy!) Eclectus live solitary, in pairs or in small groups which are often composed only of males during the nesting period. This may have been due to … Scientific Name: Eclectus roratus. However, the immature coloration is usually different from the adult plumage. The average lifespan of an eclectus is 30 years; but they should be able to live 50 to 75 years -- as is the case with comparably-sized parrots. Common Name: Eclectus parrot. Category: Parrot. Family: Psittacidae. Life Expectancy: 30 to 50 years It is generally difficult to guess the age of parrots. LIFE SPAN: 30 years. Some sources consider the lifespan to be 30 years. Adult Size: 17 and 20 inches, weighing 13 to 18 ounces. An individual measures 30 to 40 cm for a weight of 380 to 800g for the strongest. It has an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years (and up to 50 years in captivity. Lifespan/Longevity. The shortest lived eclectus parrots in captivity survived approximately eight years. Scientific Name: Eclectus roratus.