To do so, just remove the offsets from the soil and set them aside to dry for a day or two. Type above and press Enter to search. Wait for the soil to exhibit signs of being too dry before watering your plant. If you treat this succulent fairly well, the payoff would be an awesome rosette made of blue-green or gray-green leaves that take the shape of small plastic spoons. As with all succulents, Mexican Snowballs prefer full sun to partial shade; however, excessive exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided. If you’ve nurtured a succulent houseplant before, it’s needless to say that for the most part, you need to keenly take care of the drainage threshold of the soil that you’re planning to use when potting your Echeveria. Recognizing the value of the do-it-yourself movement of the last several years, is inspired by unique yet replicable ideas. Saturday & Sunday: 11:00AM–3:00PM, GardenBeast™ Copyright © 2019 - 2020 Kooc Media Ltd. All rights reserved. Remove any excess soil from the roots of the plant. If the base of the leaf is missing, it’ll not develop firmly. During winter, you want to lessen the number of times you water your Mexican Snowball. This waxy coating is a natural protectant that prevents the leaves of the plant from being damaged by the sun. Place the plant in the hole container or ground and gently cover the roots with soil. And if you’re growing it indoors, you can also use normal soil mixed with perlite and peat moss. Step 2 – Set aside the offsets under a dry and shaded area. You’ll, therefore, need to water your plant once per week and leave the soil to dry out thoroughly before watering it again. Before planting your leaves, make sure the skin has hardened to keep them from rotting. 61 Mosley Street, Manchester, Mist the soil using a spray bottle if the room humidity levels are low. The leaves will turn yellow due to too much heat. Echeverias usually don’t grow so tall or wide. Some links may be affiliate links. Propagating them would be the most effective way to go. The “soak and dry” method is ideal for this plant. Put the leaves outside for a day or two, to give the wounds some time to dry, but avoid putting it under direct sunlight. But over time, all the essential nutrients in the soil will fade off. When the nitrogen concentration is above this mark, it tends to disfigure your plant’s natural shape. The Succulent Source offers a huge selection of succulents, cactii and also gift sets and items for weddings. Hardiness zones for outdoor plants are 9a to 11b. You can also use leaf cuttings from the parent plant. GardenBeast is an online publication which launched in 2019 with the aim of providing the latest news, in-depth how-to guides and reviews of popular products to help you make the most from your back yards and gardens. This plant is native to Mexico, and as such, does best in warm locals. This, however, isn’t necessarily important. Avoid overwatering, as it can cause root rot and can ultimate drown and kill the plant. Plant the leaves but don’t bury them so deep in the soil. Mexican Gems can be propagated from both offsets and leaves. Most plants experience a stunted growth rate during the colder seasons when the air is dry and the humidity levels are quite low. They cannot tolerate long-term exposure to an abundant amount of water; however, they do not like to be dry for prolonged periods of time either. While this plant struggles with growing as tall as other varieties in the family, it has a jam-packed potential to spread over the growing medium, especially if you’re using a compact container. After 4 weeks, the roots will begin to grow. Although succulents store water in their leaves, you don’t want to neglect your Mexican Snowball for longer periods, especially during summer. is an up-and-coming community of people specialized in high-quality and on-trend DIY projects and tutorials in home design, fashion, and crafts. Delicious Snowball Themed Treat Recipes for Christmas, Echeveria Lola Plant: How to Grow and Care for the Lola Succulent, 5 Best Potting Soil Brands: How To Choose The Right Mix For Your Garden, Alocasia Plant Care: How to Grow the African Mask Plant, Bromeliad Plant Care – How To Grow And Care For The Bromeliad Plant, Growing Wandering Jew Plants – How To Care For Spiderwort Plants, Peperomia Prostrata Care Guide: How to Grow & Nurture Your String of Turtles Plant, 5 Best Cheap Grow Lights And The Benefits, 2 parts of sand to make the soil permeable. The surrounding conditions need to be warm and dry to quicken the healing process. Hollie has written for a number of publications and is now the resident garden blogger here at GardenBeast.