As an added bonus, you’ll usually find the produce for a good price and in abundance. Jump to Recipe. This acai bowl is seriously tasty, featuring purple acai puree and gorgeous smoothie bowl toppings. It will take literally 2 minutes to prepare this delicious smoothie with watermelon. This recipe is really easy, all you need is a nice sized melon and some other every day frozen fruits. Now that summer is in full force, I’ve been taking advantage of all the fruit (and honestly, have no appetite for warm things right now). Updated Mar 21, 2019 / Published Aug 30, 2016 This post may contain affiliate links. It’s refreshing and is always sweetest in the summer months so I’ve been incorporating it into a lot of recipes lately while they are at their prime. Banana & Watermelon Smoothie Bowl. Watermelon is THE fruit of summer, don't you think? Jul 2, 2017 - With just three ingredients this Watermelon Slush recipe is not only easy to make but healthy too! This watermelon smoothie recipe is so easy to make! Watermelon Smoothie bowls combine yogurt, watermelon, coconut milk, honey and fresh strawberries and you can choose any toppings you like to put on top of the bowls. Watermelon Smoothie – Super Easy, 2-Ingredients! ! Make sure to shop for a good watermelon, my local health store always have really tasty ones. Please read my disclosure policy. Please read my disclosure policy. Mar 21, 2020 - Refreshing, delicious and sweet. The inside should be sweet in my opinion, they are the best ones. All you need is a ripe watermelon, freshly squeezed … In particular, watermelon is one of my absolute summer favourites. When the watermelon is frozen, you can start making the smoothie. 4.4K shares. Put the watermelon skin into the fridge so you can use it as a bowl later. Add the frozen banana, milk, maple syrup, frozen strawberries and 1/2 of the original watermelon balls into the blender. Watermelon Acai Bowl. What more can you ask for? Outside of this watermelon smoothie recipe, here are some of our favorite smoothies: Homemade Acai Bowl: One of our top ways to eat a smoothie is as a bowl! All the right elements of an ice cream but super healthified! I … Updated Mar 21, 2019 / Published: Aug 30, 2016 / This post may contain affiliate links. Watermelon Power Bowls … Watermelon Power Bowls Recipe Eating what’s in season locally is always beneficial for a variety of reasons, one of my favorites is that the food will be the freshest.