The movement and textures in layered thick hair haircuts like this one allow for a lot of diversity when it comes to styling longer hair. It feels softer and can detangle a thick mane. Both the haircut and hairstyle are what will exhibit the fullness of your tresses. For a cute-yet-powerful look, consider cutting the sides shorter and concentrating the bulk of the curls at the top – they can flow to one side or the other from there. The added layers are always helpful to ladies with thick hair. For a youthful impression, add blonde highlights and lowlights. Also, make sure to go to the right person to cut your hair because it has to be well proportioned depending on your face shape and structure. If you’re considering this haircut, air dry with some sea salt spray worked in to bring out natural texture. When considering hairstyles for thick wavy hair or a curly look, use a 1 to 1 1/2-inch barrel curling iron. Medium hairstyles for thick frizzy hair should run from the chin or slightly past the shoulders to get maximum flow. The asymmetric pixie cut can be described as vivacious, unique, and trendy – right up the alley of a woman with short, thick hair to work with. One short style that’s easy and doesn’t require much fuss is the wavy hair pixie cut. This haircut has endless potential, and is seemingly universally flattering with just about any type of styling methods – if you feel like a model, try not to be surprised. Smooth vintage waves on your thick locks is one of the best haircut ideas. The key to pulling off this cut is texture; use a volumizing spray for both longer or shorter versions of the bob for a flawless finish. The best haircuts for extremely thick hair are textured for added movement. This cut goes from short in the back and transitions smoothly into a longer length at the front, which essentially does all the styling for you. The nape part is neatly chopped, making it great to feel the breeze on the neck. It offers texture with tousled locks and great volume throughout your hair and would make your life so much easier. When it comes to hairstyles for long thick hair, you have to think about how taking weight out makes it more frizzy if it’s not done right. For this look, a deep side part is essential. From short bobs to pixie cuts to layered styles with a long front and short back, sometimes you just need to take the plunge, chop off some length, and try a new short hairstyle. Texture and movement in this one are so hard not to notice. Be smart enough to choose the perfect haircut, which can bring the bounciness out of your locks. Then take a 1-inch curling iron or wand and wrap random sections around it to give the hair some polish and define the waves. These flirty and messy… The lob haircut for thick hair is really age-appropriate for all women, making it a timeless and classic style that has continued to evolve over the last few decades. Essentially, you take the short hairstyle and add a layer of feathered bangs, also known as fringe, to add an element of edginess. Embrace the fullness and simply take the weight out by adding lots of soft layering around the face and long layers through the back. This is a face-framing cut for women with thick stands and lots of layers for long hair. Q&A with style creator, Whitney Henson Hairstylist @ Osgood O’neil Salon in Dallas, TX. When styling the fringe, go for choppy in the front and smooth on the sides for a little contrast. Another option for ladies with thick hair is a front fringed pixie. It’s necessary to carve out lots of negative space so it’s easy to style. Get a trim every eight weeks to maintain the bounce in the layers. A nice option for someone with thick tresses who wants to experiment with the short hair look but isn’t quite ready to commit is the faux bob. Use mostly texturizing shears to cut the layers if you want a softer layered hairstyle for thick hair. Layered Dark Brown Lob. The key to taming thick hair is to thin out the hair using the razor cut technique. The hair on top is longer for versatility. It provides body, styling, and lessens the drag of a heavy, thick mane. The nape area is cut shorter and layered, and the hair above lays over it with some light texturized layers. With a way to cut and style every hair type, these cute and trendy short hairstyles for women with thick hair will take your look to the next level. This textured cut is suitable for all hair textures, but it works best with thick hair. Imagine the uniqueness you can manifest with these long thick dreadlocks. The bulk of the hair should be swept opposite to the shaved side, for a truly edgy and modern appearance. This haircut works best with thick hair. Thick Textured Bob. It’s a great cut for women looking to add body and volume to their hair. It’s a more committed version of the faux-hawk, and is lots of fun. Classic ‘90s Layers. You have enough hair to decide whether you want to keep your density, make it look like you have even more, or make it look like you have less. It’s elegant and cool, and only requires extra product. Layered A-line bob makes a great option when wanting to transform from long to short hair. To achieve this too-cool and rebellious hairstyle, shave one side and use product to either spike or gather the hair at the top. If you are gifted by nature with thick hair, you … These layers are perfect when your hair looks thicker than what you want. The best layers for thick straight hair must offer natural-looking movement. To make a statement with your thick hair, the short bob is just the right hairstyle. They add volume to give your long tresses a subtle and gorgeous body and movement. Just have your favorite styling product besides you and you’ll discover the many ways of styling it, especially if you don’t need your hair to appear thicker. It’s edgy, and you’ll be fond of it! It’s a haircut that is breezy and chic for all ages. Remove the bulkiness from your dense, brown locks by having some graduated layers. If you don’t need to add volume to your hair, then this is your look. Think Brigitte Bardot. She's personally interviewed over 5,000 hair stylists, colorists and barbers about their work. This short stacked bob is perfect for a certain density of hair. That way the tresses appear with more zest. Waves on your short bronde locks create a shape and movement for a much divine appearance for your thick hair styles. Bangs seem to go well with just about every thick hair look; the long bob with front fringe is just one example. Shoulder length haircuts for thick hair like this are versatile and timeless. This classic straight razor cut bob is a must-try! When it comes to cutting your hair length, less is better when you wanna remove some weight off your thick white hair.