The graceful habit and branching structure of the Eastern Redbud and attractive bark add beauty to the winter landscape despite bare branches. Leaves start out a copper color, before developing into a bright yellow in the summer. Leaf is 3 inches long — Eastern Redbud; Description. Many find the pods attractive as well. In addition, it has developed brown spots. The Eastern Redbud grows from 20 to 30 feet tall and wide at maturity. They are even curling upward slightly. And as the leaves grew to full size they became dark green hearts about 4 inches wide. Long (up to 4 inches), slender petiole swollen at each end. The twigs of Eastern Redbud can be boiled to produce a yellow dye. This tree is a member of Fabaceae or pea family.Eastern redbud is usually one of the first trees to bloom in spring.Flowering occurs in March to May before leaf growth. Eastern redbud is a native, perennial, deciduous tree which grows 15 to 30 feet tall and spreads 15 to 25 feet. Canker disease is caused by fungal pathogens which enter trees through wounds. The leaves emerge a red-purple and change to a deep blue-green color for the rest of the growing season. Why Are the Leaves and Branches On My Redbud Tree Dying? Thanks for your question about your redbud tree. Eastern redbud trees are susceptible to a variety of fungal diseases such as canker disease and verticillium wilt. Greetings, I have a question regarding the health of an Eastern Redbud which I planted in the fall. Leaf is thin, papery. Most redbud trees can grow in full sun or partial shade, though they typically suffer from leaf … Posted by Brent Wilson on 10/28/2016 to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Based on that I recently lost a well-established, prized redbud tree to disease, which was a focal point specimen in my backyard landscape, I felt compelled to write and publish this article. May have tufts of hair in veins axils beneath. It leafed out this spring without issue, but the leaves have subsequently become oddly stiff. The flowers are edible and can be eaten in salads, either raw or pickled; in Mexico, they are fried. Eastern Redbud develops an attractive exfoliating bark with age, revealing red-tinged furrows. Leaf: Dark green, heart-shaped base, pointed tip, 2-6 inches long, smooth margin. As summer fades, so does the foliage, and the leaves dull to a deeper, darker gold. First, a link to a short Purdue Extension article about mechanical injuries to trees, which I recommend you read, regardless of the yellowing leaves, because you're going to have to monitor the tree for safety issues. Asked June 14, 2017, 3:56 PM EDT. Eastern redbud and its cultivars are favorite small, spring-flowering trees for landscaping; in fall the leaves turn yellow or greenish yellow. The twigs have a zig-zag pattern, giving it a unique texture in the landscape. In fall the leaves turned lemon yellow. Older trees generally resemble a vase shape. Eastern Redbud Leaves. 5-7 prominent veins branching from leaf base.