Relieving the exhaust bridge and drilling lubrication holes is a common part of the 2-stroke top end replacement process, but the importance of performing these steps is unrealized by many and neglected too often. The Bigsby B5 kit also comes with a new bridge plate and a rocking bridge with six adjustable saddles. Drill the hole to the same 3/16" diameter … Step 4: Now its time to drill the holes. 6 Saddle bridge can be made for compatibility with these systems by selecting "Bender Ready". Check the depth Compare the depth of bridge post holes with posts . Drilling lubrication holes is a simple but important process for many 2 stroke applications. ive been on the hunt for a company that does a tele bridge with the 3 mounting holes. If the bridge has been removed from the guitar, you'll need to make a "centering caul" for the cutter. The Bigsby itself has a front roller bar and it’s screwed onto the top of the guitar. The way I have minimized the marring of the wood when drilling the ground wire channel is to drill the bridge screw holes first then re-drilling the hole nearest the control cavity with a 10mm brad bit to a depth of about 3mm. Step 4: Verify. Ensure all holes are pre-drilled. Drill a pilot hole in a scrap of 1/4" x 2" x 4" acrylic. Compensated saddle bridge is automatically compatible with the Parsons/Green, DoubleShot, Hipshot String Bender or behind the bridge tremolos. You also need to drill wide holes for the new bridge posts. 4 hole option retrofits vintage Telecaster* mounting pattern utilizing 4 mounting holes. My 1996 am std is such a tele, and the saddles on it now are the same a 6-saddle strat, those smooth-topped blocky ones. Use caution, the last thing you want to do is snap the screw off in the hole! Guard (2 screws). Make sure you correctly identify A) which size drill piece you need & B) what depth you need to drill so to avoid going through & out the back of the guitar body. 23859 I found a useful tip for positioning the bridge perfectly in a recent article in the UK's 'Guitar' magazine. Do not install the posts yet … For a full-on vintage vibe, check out the Bigsby B16 kit. Drill the bridge post holes . Final alignment verification… everything fits well. If you decide to angle to bridge, mark the new holes with the bass side (thicker strings) tilted slightly down towards the butt of the guitar. 2.4 Check the Neck to the Body Fit Temporarily attach the neck so you can locate the bridge. If you've got a kit where holes need drilling for a Tune-O-Matic style bridge and stop tailpiece e.g. 1. At this stage it is wise to check the depth of the holes and also the final alignment. If the pin holes in the bridge are clean, they'll help keep the cutter centered. If holes are not pre-drilled, mark the holes and drill starter holes with 1/16 drill bit.