For best performance, wait 20-40 minutes between layers, or until product is dry. Easy to assemble and customize. To effectively achieve thickness of product, do a vertical and horizontal pass for each layer. Arika says. That's where he wants to start. My friend wants me to paint his acoustic guitar. Your piano looks fantastic. He sanded off the finish on the BACK of it. Saved by Jan Berkowitz. August 31, 2016 at 11:18 am. He has 2, and he wants me to paint the cheaper one he doesn't use as much. But I read up that sanding down and painting a guitar ruins the sound. 1.8k. the kit was easy to assemble and customize with paints. Step Two: Two coats of this sound absorbing paint’s Finish Coat are recommended for best performance. IF You have ever played or ever want to play a piano, DONT paint it. Bob Ross died on July 4, 1995 — a touching coda for the landscape artist whose PBS series, “The Joy of Painting,” freed the art world from its stuffiness and made it accessible to everyone. When a painting is 90-95% there, it's especially difficult because you know that it's really close and you also know that you could completely ruin it. Ukulele Art Cool Ukulele Ukulele Songs Ukulele Chords Guitar Art Ukelele Painted Painted Guitars Ukelele Soprano Ukulele … Reply. If your piano has sustained any unsightly damage over the years, you can stick to a matte paint to minimize those imperfections. The course is your track to obtaining digital painting skills … This uke only cost me £20 so it's not like its irreplacable, but I'd rather not damage … The chalkboard paint will give your piano a neat, matte look while also enabling you to draw on its surface. Of course, I do often ruin things. Music, painting, drama and architecture use terms such as repetition, variety, intensity, rhythm, dialogue, balance, unity and so on. This course will enhance or give you skills in the world of digital painting - or your money back. I want to paint the outside edge of my ukulele with a kind of checkered ska design. The Ultimate Guide to Digitally Painting Everything will show you how to paint everything from metal, to water and from fur to feathers. If only the back is sanded and painted, will it ruin the sound as much as it would if the front were done? Definitely does affect the sound. Some people can actually hear color, therefore they are easily influenced by music. The same as paint protecting the metal frame of a car from damage, the paint on a guitar protects it from dings, scratches, and weathering. Hello! I have one I am considering painting white, but I was wondering-does painting the piano affect the sound … But nitro finishes dull over time and the paint chips off. For an extra creative project, use chalkboard paint. Is there a certain type of paint I should use that won't damage it? Soprano ukulele with hand-painted design: vines. I spoke to a successful musician about the similarities between music and painting. Also, should I put a finish or something on before and/or after I paint it?