“Do not worship God like the pagans worship their idols.” Deuteronomy 12:4. No Pagan Customs in the Worship of God (Deuteronomy 12) July 17 Moses announces to the Israelites that when they have entered the Promised Land, there will have to be one specific place to bring their sacrifices, lest they be tempted to adopt the worship customs of the pagans, who sacrifice to their gods in every place they choose (verses 2-8, 13-14, 18). ... Do Not Have Other gods Worship, Of God Alone Priorities In Life Different Gods. We should not be trying to christianize the pagan … Just like we do not have to worship every younger God, or every elder God or Protogenoi – we do not have to worship the Titans either. Exclusiveness No Other Is God Syncretism We should not be worshiping Jesus the way the pagans worship their idols. The big debate of lent, Easter, Christmas and even Valentines Day is that many Christian are celebrating un-biblical pagan holiday, whether they admit it or not. 13 Bible Verses about Pagan Gods ... (Now all the Athenians and the strangers visiting there used to spend their time in nothing other than telling or hearing something new.) No, it’s not devil worship. Deut 12:4 . Or might he be saying, "You shall not worship me in their way" (Deut. Modern Christians may have tried to do away with this law, but the Bible never did. Pagan ... You could consider forms of worship like ... they ‘reconstruct’ — as much as possible — what ancient pagans actually did in their worship of many gods. I wish that "Christians" would read the Bible they would know what to do and not to do in the name of Christianity. It is always said by most, thats not what it means to me, despite God saying do not worship him in the same manner that Pagans worshiped their Gods. The most important thing that so-called Christians should know is that God says; "Do NOT worship the Lord your God in the way these pagan peoples worship their gods." 12:31 NIV), meaning that we have adopted a pagan worldview that imputes a causal force to music that it does not properly have?