I use it almost every night and have got some great shots and am looking forward to getting more as the seasons progress. eVscope: First Night Out ... (and practice) to get the right ‘touch’ to hand slew slowly vs fast with the virtual joystick. The Unistellar eVscope isn’t the only smart telescope in town. If one had a system of thousands of OTAs at your disposal it might be interesting to be able … Chacun obtient 10 points. Page 3 of 12 - The Stellina - Possibly more interesting than the eVscope? The eVscope should also be somewhat capable of doing useful work in exoplanet finding. The Vaonis Stellina has turned out to be incredibly easy to use – and I love the fact that it works through photographs as that’s another of my passions. On se prête alors à rêver d’un “eV-Stellina”, empruntant ses plus grandes qualités à chacun des deux instruments. Smaller pixels for the IMX178 sensor at these short focal lengths might mean somewhat better potential resolution for the Stellina but the quality of the optics may very well negate this potential advantage. After powering on STELLINA, you’ll connect to the device’s WiFi network, the same as you do on the eVscope. - posted in Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA): A faster focal ratio does not mean more photons/signal and if you have a modern CMOS the change in noise is minimal so your SNR is typically not much improved by using faster optics. Given the sensor sizes and focal lengths one should expect the Stellina to have a significantly larger FOV. The Unistellar eVscope (MSRP: $2,699) – created in conjunction with the SETI Institute – isn’t actually the only smartscope around; the other, the Vaonis Stellina, came out last year and still holds the record for being the only telescope without an eyepiece. Il ressort de ce face-à-face un score très équilibré entre l’eVscope et le Stellina. IIRC, one of the earliest exoplanet detection systems was a 4" refractor. Notre conclusion sur le comparatif Stellina vs eVscope. The Stellina has a 400mm focal length while the Unistellar is (IIRC) 450mm. According to Vaonis, the Stellina manufacturer, "The catalogue includes all Messier objects and the most interesting NGC targets in the Northern and Southern hemispheres." It joins the Vaonis Stellina, though that product didn’t have an eyepiece, and instead funnelled all observations to a smartphone.That’s the main trick of the Unistellar eVscope, too, but it does add an electronic eyepiece on the side of the telescope. Some objects whose angular diameters exceed the Stellina's FOV are excluded from the catalogue, but Vaonis plans to extend that list when they add the ability for the Stellina to combine multiples images in a mosaic.