Adduction: Movement toward the midline on the lateral plane. Increased muscle tone, flexibility and ability all contribute towards the wide goal of staying fit and healthy as part of having a healthy, dancing lifestyle. But the definition of flexibility is more complicated than simply being able to do a single stretch. Define flexibility. The flexibility in physical education can be defined as the range of motion of the joints and the ability of the joints to move freely.. Additionally, it also refers to the mobility of the muscles, allowing more movement around the joints. And although flexibility is a component of mobility; mobility and flexibility are different. Like many ballet and dance exercises, dance stretches have benefits for everyone. Now she is in a lot of pain and can not participate in sports and dance. Dancing improves flexibility and balance, and stretching is just one of the ways to experience these benefits. Synonym Discussion of flexible. According to the U.S. Modern Dance Technique Glossary of Terms-- Expanded List . My 13 yr old grand daughter recently was hospitalized with an infection in her spine that caused the disc in L5 to dissolve. Learn more. Learn more. Accent: In music, accent refers to a stress or an emphasis on a musical event. How to use flexible in a sentence. Dance can greatly contribute towards weight-loss, particularly by following a rich and varied programme of a combination of dance … flexibility synonyms, flexibility pronunciation, flexibility translation, English dictionary definition of flexibility. Mobility on the other hand is the ability of … For dancers, stretching is an essential element for getting positions and moves right, as well as an effective way to prevent certain types of injuries. Abdominals: Muscles found on the belly of the body. Flexibility in dance definition. 1. a. Flexibility, mobility and stability all play vital roles in the function of your body. b. Follow this guide to daily mobility and activation drills plus stretching to help keep your body primed and ready to … Surgeon General's report on physical activity and health, flexibility is defined as " a health-related component of physical fitness that relates to the range of motion available at a joint." Flexibility is the ability of a muscle(s) to lengthen. adj. Flexible definition is - capable of being flexed : pliant. Flexibility is not only helpful in dance class or on stage, it can also help us in our day to day lives. flexibility. flexibility meaning: 1. the ability to change or be changed easily according to the situation: 2. the ability to bend…. Let’s define them. Common Questions and Answers about Flexibility in dance definition. A gymnast with good flexibility will be able to perform more challenging balances and skills and create much neater lines and shapes which will result in a better artistic score from the judges. Tight muscles in the neck and shoulders is closely related to stress and tightness in the gluteus can be related to emotional burden. The abdominals include the rectus abdominus, the obliques, and the transversalis. Many people mistakenly use the terms flexibility and mobility interchangeably. flexibility definition: 1. the ability to change or be changed easily according to the situation: 2. the ability to bend…. Capable of being bent or flexed; pliable: a flexible hose. Abduction: Movement away from the midline on the lateral plane.