The last thing a confident woman wants is someone who lacks confidence themselves. Dating a confident woman is much less work. …at least the men of any substance do. It’s better to leave than act desperate and a strong woman … Be confident in yourself, she likes you and that is why she is dating … The confident woman doesn’t look to others for validation so she commands attention without even having to ask for it. Maintaining Confidence Throughout the Dating Process 10 steps to a healthy relationship . She feels secure in herself and doesn’t smother her boyfriend. Be confident. On the other hand, she doesn’t stick around if she feels neglected. You won’t be wasting your efforts doing damage control when you haven’t told her how beautiful she is for the third time in one day, called her … A confident, self-assured woman approaches a relationship very differently than someone who lacks self-esteem.. She sets … Posted Feb 03, 2019 Most men LOVE a confident woman! So don’t tell her that you are intimidated by her.