Thank you! I was worried to see the black threads on my baby’s poop too! After (thankfully) finding this blog, I searched again for a reason bananas are causing this reaction. I thought about the effects of bananas, since he loves it and yesterday he had the bigger type (Locally known as Bogoya) yet i could comprehend with what i saw. If your baby has not eaten bananas, then we recommend checking with your doctor to see what is responsible. But if YOU have ever noticed that a certain food has had an unexpected affect on your baby’s poo, we’d love you to tell us about it by leaving your comments below! hi becAuse she just tasteD a bit. I am so relieved! Different foods can certainly produce different looking (and smelling) poos, so it’s likely just the slight change to his diet. Do you think these foods could cause this? Just found in my 6 month old baby girls poo had lots of tiny little black “threads” in it. I wonder what other “surprises” I will find as we continue on with this solid foods journey , Hello, Thank u, thankyou so much m also worry about my baby now i found what i see this is not worm. Hi, I’ve actually made a call to the dr and he assured me that it’s nothing to worry abt as long as there’s no blood in it… Kang loves bananas and recently has been eating them up to twice a day. Fingers-crossed! Thank you very much for recording this information, as it gives us a little peace of mind. tomorrow she will start eating apple. , Thanks for this.. i freaked at first on seeing my baby’s poop but calmed down to see it was just the bananas he ate yesterday. I calmed down completely, after reading this article and seeing pics….I was freaked out and never saw anything like this before not even in my first born. Im so glad for ur post. Science! He also isn’t feeling well so I’m going to show the Dr. his diaper just to be sure but this site was very helpful to ease my mind for now. Is it possible that she might be reacting to something YOU are eating? I saw those very fibers in the bowl. My babies diaper looked exactly like the picture, As it’s just caused by the banana, it’s not a ‘problem’. I just started my son on bananas yesterday and his poop yesterday and today had them in it so I freaked. If anything serious I will keep you posted, Anna, we haven’t yet heard from a parent whose baby has experienced this after exclusively breastfeeding – but that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Kang hasn’t had any more bananas since we received your reply… and there are no more ‘worms’ in his diaper! As I was cleaning out his cloth diaper just now I kinda took a closer look. out there as well. The mucous/threads may be completely unconnected to your baby’s allergy and your ped is the best person to advise – so sorry not to be more helpful but it’s really important that your doctor rule out any underlying problems. He didn’t even look… they look just like the pics above… but my dad been giving him a lot of bananas lately so now it makes sense. Another grateful person for your blog! thanks so much all you guys for sharing this information. Thanks for this post, i feel much better now , 1000 thanks for this article. x. You’re welcome Lana and Shaunel – and yes, this does seem to happen a lot. This afternoon i gave my five months old just one and a half teaspoon of banana. I’m 23 years old and noticed this stuff recently when I “dropped my kids off at the pool” I was pretty concerned, enough to search and this and other baby sites seem to be the center of this knowledge We were scared to see our son’s diaper full of these black threads and took them as worms. good info. Thankyou so much.. you dont know how relieved I am to know its nothing but the little piece of banana I gave my son yesterday which resulted in this ugly looking terrifying poo with black threads…, My baby ate a banana yesterday and today her poop had the thread wormy looking things but instead of being black they were reddish brownish color. However, the last week or so I have been going crazy on bananas. so do i need to continue giving her banana r i hv to speak with my HW? Tks so much for your blog info! We guess that is what it must be! And it reminded me of the little ‘black threads’ in banana bread. However, if you are at all concerned, it’s always best to check with your doctor. thanks alot xxxxxxx. April, to be on the safe side I would check this out with your pediatrician. I was relieved to find this information (that it is from bananas and not an issue) online, especially seeing as how it was Christmas Eve and I was picturing us in the ER or at Urgent Care! Phew what a relief. We’re glad you’ve identified the cause, Cheow – although, of course, it’s fine to continue to include bananas in little Kang’s diet. We can also send a microscopic picture of these brownish fibres to anyone that is interested to compare. 2. thanks for the information, mine 5 months just had a spoon of mash bananas and popped threads:)), I was freaking out and decided to Google ablt poop. It happened to my child today and I was madly looking for a worm kind of stuff. “Dark green baby poop after the first few days is probably from an iron supplement,” either taken by the mother or the baby, says Dr. Palmer. Although banana is usually the culprit, sometimes fibres from other fruits will also show up in baby poop! My baby girl is 5 + months old , to day morning i was tensed to see black thread like worms with gree poo in the diaper. She does all her daily activites normally. She was having pumpkin. Eventually we won’t see any fibers right? But I have not seen the blackish threads in the poo. Thank you for all these messages posted! Now I can tell everything he’s eaten with Nana or Dada by his diapers that night or the next day! Small or tiny spots in stool from eating bananas. Reassured parent. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not ready – their bodies are simply passing out the indigestible fibers. my 6 mnth 3wk daughter has been eatn gerber food since she was 4 n a half mnths n poopd like tht today she is eatn gerber My son did ate a few banana a couple of weeks back, in Brasil. Looked like worms, but none were moving and nothing looking like a head, but still concerning. However, he did indeed eat bananas yesterday, so I’m feeling pretty confident that is the smoking gun! She’s having anchovies soup + chicken stock porridge now. I’ve never noticed them before when I give him banana ???? I exclusively breast feed my 3 month old. I freaked out and rushed him to the E.R. HI All just got home and changed my 4 month old daughter, and she has black threadlike things. WHEW!!! for the internet !!! I am so relieved. Thanks there are website that can help a new mommy like me, Thank you….i was really relieved after seeing this….my 5 months daughter just pooped today with a black looks like thread or worm… And she just ate fresh banana this afternoon…. Having to poop more than normal frequency or more than once a day is definitely a possible outcome. Apart from bananas, food items with high fiber content can also cause this problem. What causes green stool in a baby after eating apple/banana/mango? I gave him 1/5 of a banana yesterday, very mashed up. Well, we received another message from Cheow today, telling us…. Of course, concord grapes, grape juice, purple potatoes, or artificial colorings can cause purple poop. We did not really take note then as there were only 2. I was so worried, she has had banana before but just small amounts but yesterday she sat and ate a full banana so this is obviousy the reason for it. My husband and I were going crazy this morning after we found zillions of black threads in our seven month old’s poo. I have one if you want to use it. I was pretty frightened and they kept appearing in every diaper. Thanks for the info and if you would like to see the picture I can sure send it. VERY relieved I am not alone & that it was caused from a banana! You’re welcome – but I’m so sorry you had to go through all that. . We noticed 2 black thread-like thingy a month ago when i gave my 4 mth old son a teeny winny bit of banana. oK SO MY 6 MONTH OLD ATE A FEW BITES OF BANANA THIS MORN. The first thing i did was open my laptop to look over the net with one hand and call my baby’s ped for an appointment with the other. I was definitely scared when I saw the black threads in my son’s poop and was about to call the ped. I wonder if there is a difference between the bottled baby food banana and just a mushed up fresh banana?? What a relief! They may also be caused by another type of fiber-rich food – is your baby eating anything else? Btw he loves bananas and apple mix puree.. Pls help. It really would be a good idea to have it checked out, just to be on the safe side. We suggested to Cheow that bananas might be the cause and asked if her little boy (Kang) had eaten any recently. Pressure off. Katherine, never hurts to check with doc though, you know? i just changed my daughters diaper who is one year old. BANANA BANANA BANANA He just started eating mashed bananas for breakfast! Useful article, it helped alot. Thank you for this blog. i was relief when i read this because my baby’s poop have those “worms”, too. Now, I am relaxed. Mmm.. Good to hear it can be normal. Seems like it’s been the cause of a LOT of grey hairs out there!! Oh the joys of starting solids!