Learn more in this article. Dahlia pests and diseases: EARWIGS Cause: Earwigs seem to be compulsively drawn to to dahlia petals Symptoms: Characteristic ragged holes and bite marks in the petals, usually occurring during the summer months. and Virus. Treat your dahlia plants as soon as you notice signs of illness or insect damage. Certain varieties of dahlias develop dead streaks on the midvein and a distortion of the leaf. Feb 20, 2016 - There are a few problems with dahlia that may limit their production and even their health. These slimy pests are most destructive early in the growing season when dahlia foliage is soft and tender. Slugs and Snails. Mosaic disease is a virus typically characterized by yellowish or pale-green bands along the midveins and branch veins of affected leaves. To deter slugs and snails, keep the soil surface as dry as possible. COMMON DAHLIA PESTS. The typically hide within the flowers during the day, coming out to feed after dark. In this article, you will learn which pests most often kill dahlias. Dahlias can experience problems with insect pests and diseases, but these can usually be resisted if plants are kept vigorous. However, like all flowers, dahlias need care. Dahlia Diseases and Viruses . Most growers plague dahlia pests. Dahlia mosaic virus (DMV) appears to be highly prevalent in dahlias grown in the US. Slugs and snails are serious pests in some parts of the world, particularly in spring when new growth is emerging through the soil. Pests and diseases of Dahlia. And this is not surprising, because these plants bloom very beautifully. Pests. Dahlia pests and diseases are usually confined to sucking insects and fungal problems but a few diseases can actually kill the tubers. It is best to use Specific Chemical for a Specific Pest. The most serious diseases of dahlias are caused by viruses. Here are some dahlia pests and diseases that may plague your plants. A slug getting ready to continue munching on this dahlia. Treatment: A popular method is to place traps for them. This pictorial guide includes some of the symptoms produced by DMV. Symptoms vary widely from mild mosaic to severe infections that result in yellowing and stunting of the newly emerging foliage or the entire plant. 1.2K likes. When problems do emerge, results can be simply cosmetic or can lead to severe injury. Pests & Diseases “THE WINKIE WAY ” What Pests & Diseases do Dahlias get? As beautiful as they are, dahlias are not without their problems. Common pests that can affect Dahlias are Thrips, Aphids, Two Spotted Mite, White Fly, Cut Worms, Mealy Bug, Snails, Powdery Mildew. When Controlling Pests it is very advisable to understand what your chemical will control. As the plants grow, their stems and leaves toughen up and become more resistant to damage. In addition, we will tell you about what diseases of dahlias exist and how to deal with them.