When they are of age, boys are sent to spend several days or weeks in a circumcision lodge during winter, where they’re put through rigorous and often dangerous tests and rituals such as continuous dancing until exhaustion, and circumcision. The good cultural practices in Ghana allow for historical heritage passage, continuity and preservation. BIG NO. African Traditional culture is interesting, and should be respected by all. Before you all start judging and commenting such crap, learn and understand why most of our traditional practices were like that? However, they can take their veils off when inside family camps or while traveling. This Southern African ceremony is practiced by several tribes and is how a young boy proves his manhood. Identity is important. This group is known for its secretive society known as Nyau, and for covering their faces in masks. 1. 2. Shame they have to be strong to go through such, african culture is interesting but some traditions are scary. but do we want people to tell us how to be? Miss Universe 2019: A Look at the Africa…, An 18th Century Stolen Ethiopian Crown I…, People Want Me to Turn Things into Money…, A Beautiful Bride Who Married A Blind Ma…, A Neoliberal Curse – Why There Is Extrem…, 4 Christmas Gifts Ideas your Lover Needs…, Merciless Capitalism in Africa – How It …, Top 3 New Released Suunto Watches To Loo…, Most Important Customer Satisfaction KPI…, Quick Guide to Finding the Best Bingo Si…, How to Choose the Perfect Custom Product…, How Is Serious Bodily Injury Defined Und…, 7 Things In Relationships With Asian Gir…. South Africa has a population of approximately 55 million people comprising of diverse culture, religion, origin, and languages. The Fulani tribe live in many countries in West Africa and follow a tradition called Sharo. 5 Unusual African Cultural Practices Africa possesses some of the strangest traditional practices, ranging from washing a corpse and using the collected water to prepare a meal for fellow community members. Mutilating a child/teens ears and lips should be stopped, even in third world countries. To wash the corpse, the body is taken to a sacred place where the cleansing is done by slitting the throat and pouring water through the insides of the dead. You can’t force somebody to stop doing their culture, and tradition just because you feel bad for them, that’s just how they were raised, and just like some things that we can’t stop doing, it’s the same for them. To compete for her hand, they beat one another up. Some traditions are harmless but others are really cruel and lip-stretching, along with female genital mutilation (not listed here) are the worst and most condemnable. In the African culture, young boys have to undergo some form of ritual to prove their manhood. In order to prove their manhood in the Ethiopian Hamer tribe, young boys must run, jump and land on the back of a bull before then attempting to run across the backs of several bulls. This Southern African ceremony is practiced by several tribes and is how a young boy proves his manhood. 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There are 62 languages spoken throughout which mainly consist of tribal African languages as well as a minority of Middle-Eastern and Asian languages spoken by descendants of foreign settlers (i.e. Other than flogging, the bride family can pick Koowgal, which is a dowry payment option or the Kabbal, an Islamic ceremony similar to marriage but in the absence of the bride and groom. Lobola is an ancient and controversial Southern African tradition in which the families of a bride and groom negotiate how much the groom must pay for the bride. The psychology behind our culture is what makes us be today. The culture in Africa is varied and manifold, consisting of a mixture of countries with various tribes that each have their own unique characteristic from the continent of Africa. 7 brutal religious and cultural practices that exist even today - Being maimed, burnt, killed in the name of religion is not history. Here, gifts and offerings are brought, but outsiders and all women are forbidden to attend. A simple cultural practice in Western countries is shaking hands when you greet one another. In the Gio tribe in Ivory Coast, each wife has her own small house that she lives in with her children until they are old enough to move out. Author information: (1)Institute of Anthropology, Copenhagen K, Denmark. The Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania have strict policies against killing wild animals. Moral is cultural, ethics is universal. In the Fulani community of Benin, men who are ready to start a family are not as lucky, especially if the bride side picks Sharo as the requirement for the marriage to sail through. Ancestors have died to protect, preserve and pass on their traditions. The groom is beaten by the older members of the community so as to earn a wife and respect. The Wodaabe ethnic group can be found in the northern parts of Nigeria, northeastern Cameroon, the western region of Central Africa Republic and southwestern Chad. If the father disagrees, however, the man might forcefully marry the woman anyway.