As we all know, there are two options at the end of cooking in a pressure cooker: natural or quick pressure release. Turn the heat to high until pressure cooker reaches full pressure. For this instant pot beef roast recipe, as long as you follow the exact cooking time, you’ll be raving about the outcome of the meat. When to (and NOT to) Use Quick Pressure Release. When time expires, release pressure by selecting quick pressure release. Cooking Roast Beef in a Cuisinart Pressure Cooker. Perfect Roast Beef in a Pressure Cooker: This recipe isa fantastic recipe. 4. Pot roast dinners are one of the down-home comfort dinner that reminds me of wonderful memories I still have, those Sunday afternoon dinners … (originally published 7/18, affiliate links present) So … With just 2 hours of cook time, this pressure cooker pot roast recipe is a game-changer! I made a pulled beef sandwich with it. Pressure Cooker Perfected Pot Roast: Well this winter is certainly turning out to be the winter full of comfort food here in Ohio. I could have french dipped it but poured on the juice instead. The pot roast cooks quickly and the meat is perfectly moist and tender. Why is My Pot Roast Tough? One of our favorite easy Instant Pot recipes. Break out your pressure cooker for this one, because this Pressure Cooker Pot Roast with a basic beef roast, potatoes and carrots is going to be on your list of quick and easy Instant Pot meals you can whip up in just minutes. Stir to fully mix. Last week we cooked a pork roast and this week we were on to a beef roast so we could create some amazing pressure cooker shredded beef tacos filled with lots of toppings! … 3. I'v… If you cooked it in a pressure cooker or Instant Pot and it came out tough, you may have overcooked it. That is, until now. Frigid cold days when I don't have much energy I'm always glad to count on my pressure cooker to turn out an incredible meal in a short amount of time. Add the beef broth and bay leaf. Lots of time. Reduce temperature to maintain pressure* and set a timer for 30 minutes. Secure the lid and select High pressure.