Just hold down Ctrl and click anywhere in a sentence, and the whole sentence is highlighted. To reverse the hanging indent press ctrl+shift+T, THANK YOU! Moves to the beginning of the line or paragraph. The Windows keyboard has two important keys to quickly complete tasks using shortcuts. Most keyboard shortcuts are quoted based on Windows keyboards. If the device you are using does not have function keys (F1-F12) on its … And also we can try to repair Office. These keyboard shortcuts refer to the U.S. keyboard layout. Decrease selected font -1pts if 12pt or lower; if above 12, decreases font by +2pt. Memory Card for easy to view: Ctrl + A: Extend a selection to include the complete document. Keys for other layouts might not correspond exactly to the keys on a U.S. keyboard. Although, at the same time, all shortcuts are working properly in Excel or Powerpoint. Ctrl keyboard shortcuts Ctrl is used in keyboard shortcut key such as the three finger salute or Ctrl+Alt+Del. Action: [Ctrl] + [backspace] Effect: delete the preceding word Just put the cursor at the end of the word you don’t want (if you just typed that word, you’re already in the right spot). Moves the cursor to the end of the document. Hit the format painter button, then return to the section that has the hanging indent, and select it. Repeat the last action performed (Word 2000+). Thanks for sharing! Top 10 keyboard shortcuts everyone should know. This key combination suggests pressing and holding down the Ctrl, Alt, and Del keyboard keys to open the Task Manager or reboot the computer. Ctrl + V: It provides users the option to paste the copied data onto the Excel sheet. If only some of the keyboard shortcuts don't work, please try to reset the keyboard shortcuts. Actually it's Ctr+Z, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+S, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Move the cursor up by one paragraph. (1.Click Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. You can also utilize the mouse to perform some common actions. Thanks for any help, Your email address will not be published. Ctrl+Up arrow key. How to set hanging indents in Microsoft Word, Windows key+R: Run / Suspicious calls to “fix Windows”, Ctrl+0: Hide Columns in Excel (Ctrl+Shift+0 to Unhide Columns), Shift+F10 or Menu Key: Opens Shortcut Menu (same as right-clicking), Alt+Home: Go to Home page in Firefox and Internet Explorer, Ctrl+Shift+N: Start incognito session in a new window in Google Chrome. Ctrl + B: Apply bold formatting. Move the cursor to the end of the current line. Ctrl + U: It is used to underline all selected cells. Ctrl + Shift + W: Underline words excluding in-between spaces: Ctrl + Space … Please to the File>Option>Customize Ribbon>Customize>Home tab>Edit Copy, and check the keyboard shortcuts if it was removed. Runs a Thesaurus check on the selected word. After some kids where playing with my laptop, some of the keyboard shortcuts stopped working in Word 2007. Then it’s been annoyingly tricky to get it out of the text again…. See the computer shortcuts page if you are looking for a list of shortcut keys used in other programs. I can’t count the number of times I accidentally made the hanging indent and then have to spend a lot of time to get rid of it. MS Word Shortcut Key combinations help the users manage, edit and create long word documents easily. This tip contains shortcut keys for simple and faster work with fields. Thank you you saved my bacon……..I accidently did this when meaning to press ctrl+i (italic style…..to type a ‘t’) but pressed ctrl+t instead (I often do this with ctrl shortcuts when I am rushing, it gets annoying). The Ctrl+Shift+F shortcut key performs the same action. Some of the Microsoft Word shortcut keys below may not work in Word 365. Press it several times if you want to indent the second and later lines … Increase selected font +1pts up to 12pt and then increase font +2pts. Press the combination of keys that you want to assign. Spellcheck and grammar check selected text or document. Open a new document, or go somewhere else in the document not effected. Move the cursor down by one paragraph. This is the list of popular keyboard shortcuts of Microsoft Word 2016. Applies To: Word 2016, Word 2013. For example, press CTRL plus the key that you want to use. Word 2016 365 2013 2010 2007 2003. Aligns the line or selected text to the center of the screen. Ctrl+T in Word and other word processors In this post we present the “ list of all Microsoft Office Word shortcut key combinations ” using which you can create, edit or manage your MS Word documents easily. Begin keyboard shortcuts with CTRL or a function key. That word is gone. Find a paragraph that’s more than one line long, hit Ctrl+T, and you can see how it looks for yourself.