The Student Leadership represents the student body, advocates its needs and defends its interests in dealings with faculty, campus administrators and government officials. Be a part of the UNLV community. CSUN Student Government is the autonomous representative governing body of the undergraduate student population of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Log in, Reflections of White Supremacy Reveal America—Robert Koehler, Squad Hits Trump on Border Crimes—Jessica Corbett, Why Are Assange, Manning Still in the Crosshairs?—Brett Wilkins, Why Jobless Benefits Drive Conservatives Crazy —Sonali Kolhatkar, Reproductive Health on Ballot—Stacie Murphy, Gavin Goes Both Ways on Fracking—Steve Horn, L.A. Battle Royale: Holly Mitchell v. Herb Wesson—Jason McGahan, Uganda’s Youth Majority Brave Police Blockades and Bullets to Rally Behind Bobi Wine, Remote Teaching Better During This Pandemic. CSUN Science Teaching and Outreach Honored, Growth in CSUN's Health-Related and Consumer Science Programs, CSUN's Connection to Local Industry Leaders, Learning by Doing: Internship Opportunities at CSUN, CSUN's Thoughtful and Effective Use of Its Self-Support Capacity, Service to Students from Under Privileged Communities, CSUN Expenditures Generate $1.9 Billion in Output Across the State, CSUN Expenditures Support 11,774 Jobs Across the State, CSUN Expenditures Generate $122.1 Million in Tax Revenues Across the State, 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA 91330. The 2014/2015 graduating class was the University’s largest on record, up 4.7% from 2013/2014. AS provides excellent, meaningful programs and services designed to enhance and create a spirited learning-focused campus environment. October 2014. Considering how many students take courses at CSUN, its impacts in terms of producing graduates are immense. CSUN Student Body Rudy Acuña: My current dragon is Impaction, which is to limit the access of transfer and freshman admits over the next five years by 1 percent a year. As has been documented throughout this analysis, the economic and social benefits of graduating from college for both students and communities at large are enormous. Is Joe Master of Ceremonies at the Billionaires’ Ball? I am so thankful and proud of all that you have done together as a dedicated community of learners — CSUN as One. As one of the leading universities in Southern California, CSUN plays a central role in providing its students with economic and quality-of-life benefits that persist throughout their careers and lives. Associated Students (AS) is the primary advocate for students at California State University, Northridge. CSUN as One: Returning to Fully Virtual Learning. CSUN should hire more diverse faculty with tenure-track positions in mind, pay more to adequately reflect their workload and contributions to the institution and provide structured support to foster a more inclusive environment. The college offers extremely popular programs in child and adolescent development, kinesiology, and health sciences. CSUN’s standing was based on diversity and inclusion, both among faculty and students, as well as the number of international students who study at the university. However, the university still has a lot of work to do to have CSUN faculty reflect the student body. Procedure for the Establishment or Abolishment of Campus-Based Mandatory Fees. Join CSUN and meet new people, help advocate for your voice as students, and have some fun! AS is also the official seat of student governance for the campus. The University Student Union (USU) at California State University, Northridge is a student centered non-profit organization that works to expand the college experience through various programs, services, employment, and involvement opportunities. In the Los Angeles region, growth has been tremendous in this sector in recent years, even amid the recession, generating a substantial number of new job opportunities each year for workers with the necessary skills. According to a statement from the software company, hackers breached Blackbaud’s network and attempted to install ransomware to lock the company out of their servers and customers’ data. Will Nutty Trump Supporters Birth a Distrustful New Election Integrity Movement? The Division of Student Affairs From the minute a student walks onto campus for the first time to the moment they walk across the stage to receive their diploma, the Division of Student Affairs is there to guide and inform student success. Gender has remained constant for undergraduates from 2000 to 2008, with females making up around 60 percent of the student body. As a “learning-centered” university, Cal State Northridge’s first concern is the intellectual journey of our students toward their educational goals. The variety and specialization of available CSUN degrees not only provides students with diverse educational opportunities, it also benefits the broader community by developing graduates who can meet critical demand for skilled workers across many fields. CSUN graduated 9,232 students during the 2014/2015 academic year, almost double the number it graduated at the turn of the century. This well-sustained organization is maintained by three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. The CSUN Executive Branch consists of the Student Body President, Vice President, CSUN Secretary, Attorney General, and Chief of Staff. As representatives of the undergraduate student body, we are working hard to create a thriving campus community and to enhance each student’s college experience. As students from the high-enrollment years of the late 1980s worked their way through CSUN, the school awarded an all-time high of 4,219 bachelor’s degress in 1993-94. Policies and Procedures by Tag: Student Body Fee. In the past five years, the college has also graduated more students in diverse fields such as Africana studies and anthropology. Nuclear Reactors: Conspiracy Against Nuclear Energy, Minnesota Permits Pipeline Replacement for Line 3, 3 District Races That Could Change the World, Why Black Votes Are “Illegal” in Trump World. “Undergraduate Persistence at Cal State Northridge From 2000 Onwards.” Office of Institutional Research. To make that journey a smooth one, here is a virtual cornucopia of information about CSUN’s academic programs and student services. Join CSUN and meet new people, help advocate for your voice as students, and have some fun! CSUN notified its student body in an email on Friday that a data breach occurred at Blackbaud, a third party software and cloud hosting provider for the university.. Considering how many students take courses at CSUN, its impacts in … How Mitch’s Do Nothing Republicans Are Killing Us, Privatization of Medicine in India Accelerates Its Covid-19 Death Toll, Contemplating Covid Carnage at California’s Most Historic Cemetery, L.A. County’s New Approach to Juvenile Justice, Holly Mitchell Winning L.A. County Supervisor Race, The Young Woman from Artsakh Who Won’t Be Going Home. AS Student leaders encourage shared governance, student advocacy and collaboration with other campus and community entities. It is the centre of supported learning, meaningful interaction, growth activities, and safe living for every member of its burgeoning student body. The number of graduates in the College of Health and Human Development has also grown by a substantial 139.6% since the 2005/2006 academic year. These specialized programs are preparing students for careers in the Healthcare industry. Strong, student-focused support structures For most international students, the pathway to a true American university experience begins with CSUN’s Intensive English Program (IEP). “If CSUN AS wants to do what’s best for the student body, we must also listen to the ethnic studies faculty telling us that the rushed plan from the Chancellor’s Office is not in our best interests,” said Jessica Steiner, chair of the Diversity and Inclusion … What’s Up with the Treasury vs. Fed Rift. Students who had more than one ethnicity, belonged to an ethnicity not listed on surveys or declined to state their race made up 13.2 percent of CSUN, a number that has decreased since 2000, according to IR.