For your starting position, put your legs at the end of the decline bar and lie on your back with a dumbbell in your hands on top of your thighs. A stronger tricep is crucial for completing so many other upper body exercises. The dumbbell skull crusher is one of the premier exercises proven to strengthen your triceps muscle. If you only have one set of dumbbells at home or your gym is limited in its range and most pairs are … This one is going to target the long head of the triceps, which runs directly down the back of the arm. A traditional wide grip press activates more of the chest taking tension off the triceps. Exercise #1 - Cable Cross-Over Lateral Extensions. Your palms should be facing each other. While lying down, move the dumbbells to the front of you, shoulder width. Variation: Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension (French Press) A very popular triceps exercise is the standing dumbbell triceps extension, which is also commonly referred to as a "French Press." Start lying on the bench, with your abs engaged and your back pushed down into the bench, roll the shoulders up and back. Decline Dumbbell Tricep Extension. Press the dumbbells upward in a bench press fashion. So the dumbbell pullover stimulates different muscle fibers in a whole different way, that can spur on new muscle growth in the upper chest that you’ve never experienced before. Keep feet planted on the floor to help steady your weight. By doing this exercise, you work the upper chest from a whole different plane than if you were to do the incline dumbbell press (horizontal adduction). Dumbbell Bench Press. Without strong triceps muscles, it will be difficult to properly train your chest and shoulders. To perform either variation of a French Press, you hold a dumbbell at one end … Incline dumbbell extensions are the exercise of choice here as they place the shoulders in a flexed position. MRI studies have shown that the decline dumbbell triceps extension is one of the most effective movements when it comes to recruiting the triceps. Dumbbell pullovers involve using upper arm extension. It's the largest of the three heads of the tricep muscle (tri=three...cep=head) and it's also target #1 for women looking to tighten up that "batwing" area. Lie on a decline bench and hook your feet under the padded rollers while holding a pair of dumbbells. The long head is often neglected, which it shouldn’t be, considering it makes up most of the mass of the triceps. French Presses can be performed while standing, as shown in Figures 7-8, or while sitting as shown in Figures 9-10. I find that it allows for a greater stretch of the triceps than almost any other exercise. How To Do The Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension. Extend your arms fully and let them sit perpendicular to the floor. Standing Tricep Extensions – 3 x 12. Chest. Stronger Triceps.