What do you think? Iam doing my research project on using milk to control powdrey mildew in horticuticltiral crops and I've found that the high concentration of milk the more effective control. Thanks", "Any type of dairy product, including whey (liquid from cheese making) contains the protein that has antifungal properties when it interacts with sunlight. Plants in our trials remained healthy and were slower to succumb to mildew than any other courgette variety, thus extending the harvesting period. There is no consensus on which dilution of milk to water is best, with the most concentrated recommended mixture 40% milk and 60% water, and the most dilute 10% milk and 90% water. I mixed it up with water and sprayed this morning. I'll start spraying a milk mixture tomorrow. Since then I put it outside on my deck in a large pot. I will settle for goats. ", "Cate, if you are seeing only a little powdery mildew on your Elina rose, simply clip off the affected leaves. ", "will this help with white spot on mustard greens", "it is really great topic.. I'm going to try the 50/50 milk solution on my pumpkins, since they are starting to look pretty bad. lemonfair, did you try? I think my plants were too far gone and it didn't seem a cure but I have new growth on the Bee Balm and it seems to be free of it. ", "Cheryl, as I understand it, the proteins in milk undergo a change when exposed to sunlight. ", "Great idea; I'll try it this year! :) Thanks for any advise! Not only does milk work as a fungicide but it also works as a pesticide. ", "Powdery Mildew is significant in my "first ever" garden. The e-mail does not appear to be correct. ", "Great news, Jeanne. So far, he finds, this formulation appears to work on all surface mildews." Courgette ‘Soleil’ Courgette Soleil is a superb garden variety. When the weather gets warmer, spores thrive. And if you think that sounds possible, wood ashes around the base of the plant may help. The flowers are large and yellow. ), By clicking 'Add Comment' you agree to our Terms and Conditions, "Excellent article! I get it for free at the local food ministry. ", "I think Sue has hit the nail on the head, the good stuff "Lactobacillus" is in the whey and out competes the bad bacteria, vermicast mixed with water and molasses has a similar beneficial effect on controlling problem causing microbes. Thanks. I swear they look like different plants today. Live in a small town in IN, have a few veggies growing at the side of the house. Because of it I have a healthy, lush, and totally organic garden. What would be the proportion of bleach to water? What do think about the mechanism or the mode of action of milk on the leaf surface that help to stop powdrey mildew?????????? )Result was Dad's bed all had to be cut down as usual, mine were, and remain,free of blight! This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and If you've seen any pests or beneficial insects in your garden in the past few days please report them to The Big Bug Hunt and help create a warning system to alert you when bugs are heading your way. (We won't display this on the website or use it for marketing), (Please enter the code above to help prevent spam on this article), Hand Pollinating Squash for Higher Yields and Seed Saving, Beat Pests and Diseases With Good Garden Hygiene, Beat Pests and Diseases By Spring Cleaning Your Greenhouse, The Tastiest Ways To Turn Squash Into Soup. The necessary proteins are present in whey, so I suppose you could use clotted milk if you strained it through a fine cloth first. makes a purchase. I've done well without problems until last year. So someone with a milk allergy might have a problem here. It also makes a good fertilizer. I drink almond milk. I had the problem on my last computer and just got a new one. Tiny airborne spores float about looking for a surface on which to land and feed; if they find courgettes, marrows, pumpkins or cucumbers with those lush big leaves, they’ll happily alight and grow a fine powdery mildew across the surface. I was forced to go to Lowe's and purchase plants this time before the summer heat hits here in southern Tx. I use a hand-held pump-spray bottle to wet both sides of the leaf until it's dripping, and usually spray in mid to late afternoon on a sunny day. In the days that follow, I never smell a thing. I am in Florida and i spayed on a hot sunny day and it did great. Regular milk works, so it isn't necessary to use raw. I don't know that milk has been tried on this strain of powdery mildew, but it could be worth a try. ", "Here is a quote from an article I just found. I have been farming all my life, and powdery mildew has shown up on my grapes, squash, peas, cukes, beets, carrots, ect. When other fruits drop their fruits with mold, horrid weather is usually the main culprit. What about aphids...Hate them. i dont think it is going to work as well as fresh milk.as i have been spraying milk on powdery for 8yeares,as i can see,try and just use fresh milk,it works for me adam. Separate pressurized container. Unfortunately the leaves already afflicted didn't heal (the fungus was replaced by yellow spots), but most new growth looks healthy. One part milk to five parts water is plenty strong enough, but do use milk spray as a preventative rather than a cure. Now I mix 1/2 gallon of milk in 1 1/2 gallons of water. Hope it works! I fall in between using 30% milk to 70% water, with good results. To treat the problem organically you could try mixing one part milk to nine parts water and spraying the … It has been very wet here, and so far I don't have any powdery mildew on any of my plants. SB Plant Invigorator spray – a blend of seaweed, surfactants and nutrients – physically gums up the mildew. I invite you to talk to me directly at my above email. ", "I won't know for sure for awhile, but I think the milk is making a difference with my late crop of cucumbers. ", "I want to point out that the picture that you have used at the top of the page does not have powdery mildew. some leave have even turned yellow. You have to spray them before they develope, and continue almost weekly. I was wondering, would powdered milk work as well? ", "i like your info but i will try to my tabal grapes farm ", "shit i known that for ages its the best cure for powdery on grape vine and for downey milldue..............", "All I have is soy milk so am giving it a try on my mold on tomato plants. Celery. ", "The Essene Gospel of Peace is my religion. ", "Hi from France, ", "Definitely better to use as a preventive. What works best to keep them of my plants? If one alternates each week BEFORE the problem has set in then you can keep on top of the situation with healthy plants. ", "Thanks guys will give the milk treatment another go. Unless you have your own cows. My cucumbers are up and should be putting out vines by next week. ", "I would like to subscribe to this blog. Since then, numerous small studies from around the world have validated the use of milk sprays on powdery mildew on a wide range of plants. Just right. ", "just curious i have hybrid tea rose elina recently bought them and have notice some mould on a few leaves, how often do i need to use the milk spray? Red cabbage. They are everywhere! Giving them 5 gallons a day!. As soon as I saw signs of mildex, I sprayed the whole vine every 2 days for a week. ", "If spraying milk could prevent powdery mildew what about Downey mildew? So the few leaves that are on the old wood won't open fully, are stagnant and the few buds turned brown and dry. It shows up from day one until the end. ", "Now I need to get a milk goat. ", "Thanks for the great article! Anybody know if milk discourages downy mildew. ", "I have a squash-like plant with large, round, variegated leaves with no sign of pm yet...I'll try the milk treatment and report. Might try both on two different stands. Just don't want to damage my plants! ", "Green thumb - which browser are you using? Major wheat. ", "Thanks for this article! Midafternoon would be a good second choice. By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that third-party cookies will be set. The mildew completely disappeared for about a month. Rather than create methane bombs in landfill, stoke up the compost and rot the leaves down quickly. I've had good luck with the squashes listed as PM resistant from Johnny's seeds. ", "When used preventatively, it works. I keep the milk water mix in spray bottle in fridge. http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/3125/title/Food_for_Thought__A_Dairy_Solution_to_Mildew_Woes They are not supposed to, but I think milk sprays are helping a bit with a bad year with hollyhock rust. ", "I can say my cucumbers and squash were doing great. The greenery was so health looking they almost looked fake. ", "Yes, milk works. Or any dish detergent. To keep the problem at bay, you need to cut off badly affected leaves and preferably burn them (otherwise the mildew will spread).