CORSAIR gaming keyboards power top esports professionals with features like CHERRY mechanical keyswitches and powerful CORSAIR iCUE software. If you’re a streamer, you can even use the K100's left macro keys to trigger specific commands or functions in the Elgato Stream Deck app, so you can do things like quickly switch between windows, shift focus, change overlays, and more. Lots of attention is put into little details, ranging from the fine texture on the volume and iCue wheels, to the tiny “//K100” logo on the bottom left corner. Honestly, some of the preset color schemes like Rain and Rainbow Spiral are downright mesmerizing, and I’ve caught myself staring off into the depths of the switches like that one guy from The Matrix. You can go to the next slide after 1 second. Update 5-10-2020, 9:40am PT: This article was updated to address an issue with the wristrest. If you don’t care for its linear optical switches, the K100 is available with Cherry MX Speed switches too, though at that point you’re probably better off saving some money and getting the Corsair K95. Compare prices on Corsair K100 from Phillippines's best shops. I’m not a full-sized keyboard guy at all, but the K100 has piqued my interest. That said, unlike the Apex Pro, the K100 comes with a handy row of macros keys on the left side of the keyboard and Corsair’s new iCue control wheel in the top left corner, which can be customized to control a range of different functions depending on what app you’re using. And I do mean precisely, because with an actuation point of just 1mm (and an actuation force of 45g), the K100 is seriously sensitive. The K100's design is basically the same as the K95 including its aluminum deck, keycaps, and pass through USB-A port. 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In the end, aside from lacking customizable actuation points, the Corsair K100 has pretty much everything you could want in a fancy mechanical keyboard, and then some. Set price alerts and view price trends. The only major downside to the K100 is that starting at $230, it is a bit pricey for anyone who isn’t a hardcore keyboard nut like our resident Topre fanatic and sometimes editor Alex Cranz. In Corsair’s pitch, the company said the new K100 has “the most RGB we’ve ever put in a keyboard.” If that isn’t cause for concern, I don’t know what is. The control wheel is super adjustable and reminds me a lot of the dial found on Logitech’s Craft keyboard, but with a bit less focus and support when it comes to productivity and content creation. That’s because by taking its previous high-end keyboard and upgrading it with new optomechanical switches and adding a new control wheel, the Corsair K100 has created a super responsive keyboard to suit both competitive gamers and big-time streamers alike. Start saving today by comparing prices and offers on Keyboards. Price-wise you are looking at $230 USD. Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks.Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. The Corsair K100 RGB Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. It does come with a hefty price tag, but as with all things, you often get what you pay for. At $230, this is the new flagship, with the features to match. And if you don’t care about all those extras, you can always save some cash and get a K95. Corsair’s latest K100 RGB is similar to the K95 RGB Platinum that the company released a couple of … You also still get Corsair’s handy media controls in the top right featuring a jog wheel for adjusting volume and a set of dedicated keys for Stop, Skip Back, Play/Pause, and Skip Forward. I don’t fear that this one will wear out prematurely, and because it has a pattern on it, this wrist rest handles sweaty palms much better than Razer’s. For competitive gamers, the K100's optomechanical triggers offer a hair-trigger response, while the new control wheel is a useful tool for controlling your PC and or adjusting keyboard settings with a simple flick. While something like the Razer Huntsman Mini whispers “less is more,” the K100 RGB will instead sit on your desk, boldly proclaiming “more is never enough!”. The wrist rest has also been updated, and while it looks nothing like it, it’s made from a squishy material that your hands lightly sink into. Corsair K100 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cherry MX Speed RGB... With a 1mm actuation point, the K100's keys are REALLY sensitive, especially for anyone not already used to more esports-focused switches. However, for people used to keyboards with longer actuation points, the learning curve for Corsair’s OPX switches can feel kind of abrupt because even just resting your fingers on the keys with the faintest pressure can end up registering as a full keypress. They’re rated for a total of 150 million actuations. Click here to browse! Topre fanatic and sometimes editor Alex Cranz. Corsairs top-of-the-line mechanical keyboard with optical switches, Sturdy build, clean design, new iCue control wheel, bright per-key RGB lighting, magnetic wrist rest, Don't Like Pricey, Elgato integration only works with left macro keys, control wheel could use wider compatibility. It almost seems like lightning just flows through your fingers and triggers the sensors, that’s how fast we’re talking. Yes, that is going to be a turnoff for many, but let’s face it this is Corsair’s flagship keyboard so obviously it’s going to be pricey. Read … I’m personally not a huge fan of passthrough USB on keyboards anymore, but the K100 has it if you need it. If you are interested in taking your gaming to the next level, check out the Corsair K100 on Amazon through this link. By using Corsair’s free iCue app (which is also what you’ll use to make macros and configure its lighting) you can set up different color-coordinated profiles for the control wheel, so you can do things like adjust the brightness of the K100's lights, scroll down websites, scrub through videos, switch apps, and more. Unlike the more budget-oriented keyboards in Corsair’s lineup, it’s clear that the K100 is built to a high standard. One thing I do want to point out though is that I sort of wish Corsair had included a way to customize the K100's actuation points like you can on the SteelSeries Apex Pro, which is one of the K100's direct competitors and costs $30 less. Corsair offered to send us yet another unit to verify that the issue is not widespread — and indeed, this new sample sits stable on flat desks without any thudding from the wristrest. And with its pretty RGB lighting, the K100 looks damn good, regardless of whether you’re in the middle of a match or if it’s just sitting idle on your desk. At some point, Corsair is going to run out of upgrades to cram into its top-of-the-line keyboards, but it seems that time hasn’t arrived quite yet. So while there’s no denying the K100 is expensive, it’s still a worthy rival to keyboards like the SteelSeries Apex Pro. Of course, Corsair isn’t ditching its hallmark design. Shop for corsair K100 at Best Buy. The Corsair K100 RGB offers a few advantages over cheaper Corsair keyboards, but not enough to justify its hefty price bump. The detachable wrist rest is a bit softer than before, but overall, it’s a tried and tested build that has worked for years, and Corsair is probably smart for not screwing with the formula too much. text.skipToContent text.skipToNavigation. Per doctor’s orders, the wrist rest has been improved. Neither clicking the button in the middle, nor using the rotating action, is distinct enough. Keystrokes get registered instantly, no ghosting or lag to worry about. The main chassis is made from one huge slab of brushed aluminum, which gives the keyboard a premium feel. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up 0. (Note: you can also get the K100 with Cherry MX Speed switches if you want.) It seems like it’s there so the K100 RGB is different from the K95 RGB, but I’d like the keyboard more without it for a cleaner look. Compare prices on Corsair K100 from Malaysia's best shops. Corsair does a lot of things right with the K100 RGB. I don’t get it. I’ve never enjoyed a linear switch this much, especially when it comes to typing. On my first sample, with the K100’s kickstand up (lifting the back of the keyboard up), the front end of the wrist rest was pushed up by the keyboard.