What was the taste like? Start with 1/4 cup of flour on a platter. Expect to see bad, low lit photographs and such like in this article! Whoops! Flip with tongs or a fish spatula, and put fish in for another 8 minutes. They are more like small convection ovens, using a fan to distribute the heat and cook foods evenly and quickly. Here is my suggestion. Set your eggs and … It was a 300g fish in all it’s glory! For more recipes and writing on health topics, refer to Your Health Forum menu. Case Report: 37 year old with injection drug abuse and endocarditis, Educational Case Study: COVID-19 Patient, Ineffective Hydrochloroquinine Tx, Case Report Question: 18 Year Old With Increasing Neck Mass, Case Report: 51 year old man with worsening pneumonia while hospitalized, Case Presentation: 66 year old with persistent cough after 3 weeks ago, Case Report: 55 year old man with fever and pelvic pain, The Human Microbiome: Unlocking the Key to Health, COVID-19 Resources Page: Hyperlinked Articles and Questions, 6 Ways to Protect Yourself From Pneumonia, Wellness and Infection Prevention: 10 Tips to Steer Clear of Infections, Respiratory Infections and Antibiotic Decision-making, Guidelines for Antibiotic Decision-making, Factors Associated with an Increase in Sexually Transmitted Disease Rates, FLU SEASON 2019-2020: BRACE YOURSELVES FOR AN ACTIVE SEASON, Update on Flu Season 2018-2019: A mild season but never mild enough, The 100-plus Year History of Vegetable Oils: How They Went Under the Heart Health Radar, Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs: How to Make the Right Choice for Your Health, Hacking Healthy Eating with Frozen Vegetables, 10-minute Lunch: Broccoli, Egg and Couscous Bowl, Needs a Healthy and Quick Snack? https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a28414646/air-fryer-fish-recipe Learn how your comment data is processed. Trust me, it was good! It was a 300g fish in all it’s glory! And yes, for the eagle eyed among you, you are probably wondering why my air fryer is dirty even before I started cooking? You could get all technical and weigh the fish each time, but frankly I am not likely to get around to doing something like that! Rinse and pat dry with a paper towel. Please ignore the shadow in the photo, that was just my fat head getting in the way of this beautiful fish! After 8 minutes, check for golden color on one side. Preheat the air fryer to They were prepared the same as the large fish and were delicious!). We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. With either a food processor or mortar & pestle, finely mince about 5 cloves of garlic and a generous pinch of salt until it’s paste-like. Today I am looking at the idea of cooking fish in your air fryer, and whether an air fryer is a good way to cook fish. If you want a crispier skin, you should cook for slightly longer and spray some sort of oil on the fish first. Luckily, the fish was perfectly cooked from the time and temperature I guessed above. Before actually starting to cook, I imagine some of you are seeing that giant fish and wondering if it worked out with my air fryer. Take your garlic paste and rub it into the whole fish, making sure to get into the scores of the fish and both sides. Also, if cooking skinless fillets of fish, you should either spray oil or marinate the fish before cooking it in an air fryer. You’ll see that the fish has already been descaled and the spiky fins cut off with kitchen shears (near popular fishing areas, there is often fish preparation stations complete with hoses, easily cleaning tables, and seagulls ready to swoop in to eat whatever you’ve left behind!). But lets be honest and say I totally forgot to clean it up when using the air fryer the day before. Well, I could lie and say I had batch cooked other food first before cooking the fish!