That it just lasts in her wardrobe and makes her feel strong and confident and hopefully happy. Always believe in who you are, and where you are going. Confident Woman Quotes. Luckily we got you covered with our hand-picked best quotes. . Kicked off street. Sometimes, all you need to be confident is to hear it or say it out loud. Discover these top 103 beautiful confident woman quotes and sayings to inspire and empower women of all ages. A woman that knows her worth doesnt measure herself against another woman but stands strong, calmed and self confident. So stand up for who you are, and for what you believe in. This world needs 10s.”, “shining example of perseverance is renowned pastor John Wesley. We really don’t need a bunch of 4s and 5s running around, doing an average job in life. Always stay confident. Even if it were twice as strong or twice that, it could not be strong enough to defeat us. Top 103 Beautiful Confident Woman Quotes. And trust your instincts … good relationships feel good. She is who I hope to be. The bad ones are there when you wish they weren’t, and the good ones disappear when you need them most.”, “His desire is that you be bold, courageous, confident, respected, admired, promoted, sought after, and, most of all, loved.”, “The world is not hungry for mediocrity. If a woman has the strength to bear a child, she can swing a sword as well as any man.” – Karen Hawkins. God says he will never be satisfied with the infidels. Women must tell men always that they are the strong ones. .’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.’” She learned that “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”, The Confident Woman: Start Today Living Boldly and Without Fear. . Ten thousand people came out to hear me.6”, “Confidence allows us to face life with boldness, openness, and honesty. Our country was built by women who stand alone. It is just my opinion, I am not a professor. Though the famous and successful often seem to emanate self-assurance from every pore, for many, developing confidence has been an ongoing evolution. Im a strong girl, I keep my sh*t in line. “Let’s be clear, I’m a strong woman.” – Bethenny Frankel. Beautiful Confident Woman Quotes If a strong woman has problems, she deals with them. It may be hard for some to become a strong independent woman but with perseverance and self-confidence… I say ‘including myself’ as I struggled far too long in accepting myself as the women I am, without discovering the wonderful person I am. Popular Strong Women Quotes. Josh Billings. Can’t go back there, either. 256 Likes. Let’s take a peek into his diary . Refresh and try again. Startup Life 50 Inspiring Motivational Quotes to Increase Your Confidence Sometimes a quick boost of self-confidence can be found in a few simple words of wisdom. It enables us to live authentically.”, “Achieve” comes before “Believe” in the dictionary, but the order is switched in real life.”, “Don’t ever say, “I just cannot go on.” Instead, say, “I can do whatever I need to do through Christ who strengthens me. I'd rather be honest than impressive! Showing search results for "Strong Confident Women" sorted by relevance. Welcome back. For those women who do everything they can to make sure they kids are taken care of, for those women who work two or more jobs to keep a roof over the heads of their family, for those women who work till their tire just to make enough money to put food on the table for their kids, who will go through any limits to be there for their family, for those women who fight Breast Cancer everyday, those are the women who sets an example for us women today and us young adults, Cancer does not define who you are , you DEFINE yourself, I am SO honored to be apart of a beautiful and POWERFUL cause as this one, You're not only strong women but you are SURVIVORS!!! Stand as tall as the trees, and and fierce as the wind that blows. Photo: Getty Images. Sunday, A.M. May 26 Preached in meadow. Sunday, P.M. June 2 Afternoon, preached in a pasture. A stunning dress made of hellfire. Even with tears falling down my wet cheek, I can still say those 2 words, Im fine. Error rating book. “I like to play a strong woman, but a strong woman can also be very fragile and vulnerable at the same time.” – Carice van Houten. Here, we have collected strong women quotes to inspire women everywhere. Self-worth quotes. A confident person is open to learning, because she knows that her confidence allows her to walk through life’s doorways, eager to discover what waits on the other side. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Sunday, A.M. May 19 Preached in St. Somebody Else’s. Sunday, P.M. May 5 Preached in St. Jude’s. Being A Woman quotes. It enables us to live without worry and to feel safe. She knows that every new unknown is a chance to learn more about herself and unleash her abilities. A strong women is someone who is able to smile this morning like she wasn't crying last night. Women are leaders everywhere you look, from a CEO to house a wife that holds together a home. Not only that, but we can also be a great role model and we can then serve others from a place of love, not fear. She is kind to all but has discernment. A confident woman is not afraid to make mistakes, and if she does, she recovers and presses on! I can remember feeling that I wasn't 'normal' because I was aggressive, had dreams and goals, and wanted do do great things...I am glad now that I found courage to do something radical and chase my dreams.”, “Confident people do not concentrate on their weaknesses; they develop and maximize their strengths.”, “Courage is not the absence of fear; it is action in the presence of fear. Self-confidence quotes. Men are allowed to have passion and commitment for their work… a woman is allowed that feeling for a man, but not her work. She believes she is loved, valuable, cared for, and safe in God’s will for her.”, “Don’t allow feelings of any kind to dominate you, but instead remember that feelings are fickle. Bonus Quotes … 1. Being strong is not just about physical abilities, but also emotional, intellectual, and mental strength. 94. Women are strong and independent. Honore de Balzac. 21 Confidence Quotes for Women “It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.” – Oprah Winfrey “Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” She wore her scars as her best attire. 1. and Julie Ma. Sometimes, all you need to be confident is to hear it or say it out loud. People are taken aback by a confident, pretty girl who knows what she wants in life and isn't going to let anyone get in her way. Most women, including myself, are struggling during puberty with their self-confidence. And you know what it's all about? Custom and user added quotes with pictures. Contrary to the belief that this is a male-dominated world, women provide the foundation of power, grace, wisdom, justice, […] Kicked off the highway. Sunday, A.M. June 2 Preached out at the edge of town. Be yourself, be confident, be strong, be positive, be careful. I do this regularly. Be yourself, be confident, be strong, be positive, be careful. Deacons called special meeting and said I couldn’t return. At the end of the day, I want to create collections that, although I am inspired by very creative women, I want my customer to walk away with a silhouette that she doesn't even know what collection it comes from. She is confident but not arrogant. Men mourn for what they have lost; women for what they ain’t got. They are ever-changing. Never back down You can be everything. . They are the big, the strong, the wonderful. Luckily we got you covered with our hand-picked best quotes. Top 103 Beautiful Confident Woman Quotes. I do this by praying and releasing my faith that there is indeed power in the blood of Jesus to cleanse and protect.”, “What is confidence? By Charlotte Klein. She is not a victim; she doesn`t look pitiful. Guys think we will break down when they leave, but it just makes us stronger and it kills them to see us move on. When her prince charming didn't came along, she went over to the palace and got him. Women who have weathered the storms of life have scars to prove it. Jealousy. 95. Discover these top 103 beautiful confident woman quotes and sayings to inspire and empower women of all ages.