Copying content is not allowed on this website, Ask a professional writer to help you with your text, Give us your email and we'll send you the essay you need, Please indicate where to send you the sample. It was like a challenge standing in front of me to connect myself emotionally to them and be their friend, which will help them be comfortable with me and learn what I intend to teach them. We had brought with us food, blankets, drawing books, crayons, pencils etc. I was really shocked and amazed by the way things turned up. There are times in everyone life when the person introspects himself and wish to do something for the happiness and satisfaction of soul. Essay, 2 pages. There was a common room where the children both boys and girls ranging from the ages of 3 to 21 years were seen. A visit to an orphanage is a life-changing experience as it is filled with emotions and sentiments. I am seriously excited about my involvement in the society. The orphanage is a mini world where you would find children of different religions, regions and some students do carry their past life with them, which inculcates different culture in them. TOS4. I would be able to expand my world and learn about my own limits by which I can be worth in a society. She started sobbing while narrating the story and then asked me about my parents and other things. This would also give me a chance to experience the life, the experiences and everything what those orphans have faced. Each child was different and dealing with them was different which made me analyze the world, the feelings of people and the emotions and their role in people’s lives which I never could have imagined before. I really felt happy that because of my volunteering and the thought of helping the society, I have seen different aspects of life and each day is a new experience for me. The whole volunteering task was an enlightening process for me. Abstract:Optimism is a key ingredient that helps improve quality of life. Content Guidelines 2. The expectations, the thoughts and the planning would help, but only to an extent as the things are totally different on paper and in actual. Thus educating and guiding people is really important which helps people live a healthy lifestyle and save their good health for a long time. Before I started volunteering my thought was that I would just go and teach computers to the children and they would simply learn things as it happens in the school. Essay, 9 pages. I did teach the orphan children computers and gave them the knowledge which they needed to survive in the society and face the world when they come out of the orphanage. The whole volunteering task was an enlightening process for me. (2016, Mar 06). The children from different kinds of societies, regions and countries stay in orphanage. The organization is “One World 365” which helps people all over the world through its belief that a world can be a better place if we consider it to be ours and work towards joining hands rather than cutting them. My this belief is shared by “One World 365” fully and they have various health and well being programs all over the world which provides medical assistance, emergency services and guidance to people. Students looking for free, top-notch essay and term paper samples on various topics. Each person needs proper health and medical assistance from time to time. It helped me introspect and break the boundations of my thinking and beliefs which were limited before this project. When I reached home, I ran straight to my mother and hugged her tight saying that I loved her very much and also my father. Conclusion: The visit to the orphanage was a fulfilling experience for me as I came back home with not only memories but also some valuable lessons. This is not a short term benefit but indeed is a benefit which would help me my whole life. Orphanage. By clicking Send Me The Sample you agree on the, A visit to Seri Kasih Orphanage Home Essay, AbstractOptimism is a key ingredient that helps improve quality of life Human, Having the option to look for guidance backing and data from help, Ask Writer For The volunteering process was a beautiful one and it really gave me peace which I would not have got by any other way. There are many factors that influence a person’s decision to enter any profession. I had an opportunity to visit an orphanage as my cousin was a volunteer for a local non-governmental organization and it was the occasion of The International Day of Service. Essay, 8 pages. If you want more latest HTML5 projects … The whole thing was not as I pictured it of being a simple teaching like a school. Helping someone selflessly and seeing that you can be of value to someone is truly satisfying. Another very important aspect which the organization covers is the awareness and educating the society about health and medical issues. I added value to their lives in the form of education and the knowledge which would help them make their lives better and can enable them to progress in their lives. Set in Jackson, Mississippi in the early 1960s, a young girl sets out to change the town. Yes, there are some limitations because of the language barriers but both children and me put efforts together and surpassed this limitation. They are into this noble cause from past 25 years and have always been upfront to help the needy and serve the world. Essay, 3 pages. Human service careers are specifically unique in that financial gain is not the primary motivation (Woodside & McClam, 2011). Conclusions’). Skeeter, who is 21 years old, white, educated from Ole Miss, dreams of becoming a journalist. This experience will help me too and give me a chance to explore the horizons of society. Retrieved from, Type: In this world, there are three most important things which society needs to make the world a better place. Privacy Policy3. Government provides them support but that is not enough. Helping the society is all it takes to be at peace and to develop a feeling of pride. There are various projects running all over the world which help people in one way or the other. Thinking about volunteering and helping the needy people is one thing and helping in reality is a different world altogether. It is a perfect platform for people who wish to help selflessly and commit themselves towards the betterment of people around them. But, there are some children who are from various parts of the world and who have different cultures imbibed in them since birth which cannot be washed easily. Every person has expectations and even those students would have some expectations from me. The organization which I have joined is the reason behind this chance which has changed my outlook towards the life. This kind of environment has given each volunteer a sense of ownership and it enhances the dedication which we have and the motivation which makes us serve the society. We segregated ourselves and went to talk individually to everyone. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! I faced a challenge of emotional disconnect with the children as they used to see me as an outsider to their world and stayed aloof. The assumptions of a fair world where people are just the same broke into pieces through this volunteer task.