There are four major components of tourism industry; 1. Secondary constituents. 2. Primary Accommodations Secondary Accommodations 4. 3. Attractions. Primary /major constituents: The primary constituents of tourism industry are as follows: Transport: The most essential requirement to a particular plan is convenience transport. Hence, it is necessary to know the components and elements of tourism industry in order to grasp the essence of the phenomena. They work in coalition with different Public/private tourism enterprise. For example, transport, accommodation, attractions, activities, marketing and government regulation. Components of tourism 1. The latest trend in accommodation is holiday villages. DMO (Destination Management Organisation): They regulate the tourism industry in the county. Question One Research at least two tourism or travel texts and identify five key components of customer service to the New Zealand tourism or travel industry. Constituents of Tourism Industry: The constituents of Tourism Industry may be classified into two categories: Primary /major constituents. Support services. The understanding and definition of tourism industry brings us to the tourism industry value chain. •Accommodation •Accessibility •Amenities •Attractions •Activities 2. It is very basic to tourist destinations. The basic components or 4’A’ s of tourism are as follows: 1) ATTRACTION: It is the most important element & object that attract people to travel. There are two elements that play a major role in Tourism industry namely direct elements and indirect elements. 3. Transportation. As we understood that the industry of tourism operates through a vast network of inter-connected and related industries as well as other ancillary industries which aim to serve the tourists and people on travel for different purposes. The tourism industry is based on many different components and interrelated parts. Components of tourism industry and the activities. 4. The main Components are 1. Tourism industry value chain. It includes cultural sites, archeological sites, historical buildings & monuments or scenery like flora & fauna, beach, resorts, mountains, national parks. There are many ways for one to show good customer service and as said by Collier (2011), good customer service is essential. To gain a clearer picture of activity provider technology, marketing, and distribution practices, Phocuswright undertook a directional email survey of activity providers, fielded through project sponsors and other travel industry partners. Tourism is a dynamic and competitive industry that requires the ability to adapt constantly to customers' changing needs and desires. Accomodation. Accomodation .