To explain what I mean by “clever” logo design, let’s take a look at a typical logo, (i.e. Want design tips & business trends (and the occasional promotion) in your inbox? Surprisingly, bones aren’t necessarily safe for your best friend to chew on. Or, you can illustrate with active poses and line work to show how energetic the doggy is. doberman dog logo with ribbon and rays Wildlife Veterinary; smiling dog wearing hat Mascot Mascot Veterinary; dog and cat merged with medical sign and swoosh Veterinary Health; Veterinary doctor - Dog with cat in shape of printing paper Veterinary Wildlife; dog look behind inside hexagon shape Veterinary Wildlife; line art dog in heart shape Puppy Child Dog’s. Wordmarks often add a touch of class, but they may be too ambiguous when it comes to informing what your product is. However, my favorite type of logo design is that which takes the assignment one step further. By completing this form, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. BrandCrowd logo maker is easy to use and allows you full customization to get the dog logo you want! By offering a service for dogs, you’re continuing a tradition that is many thousands of years old. |   All individual works are copyright protected by their respective owners & contributors. On the other hand, dogs in human clothes are always fun, especially when they look serious. Enter your business name or industry and the logo creator will generate hundreds of logo designs. The logo above is a nice piece of work. Black Dog V.1. Do you need a dog logo for your pet grooming service, a pet store or vet hospital? Matthew T. Price has written on art, design, and cinema for websites such as The Daily Trojan, The Horror Honeys, Work in Entertainment, and more. Isn’t that what we all want for our dogs? Sometimes, what we want to see is a dog who has some self-control, like with an obedience school or a trainer. Designers, check out these contests so you can start building your career. This is my first winning logo design, so it's kind of special to me. buzzdog. Let us know if you're a freelance designer (or not) so we can share the most relevant content for you. Subscribers to our newsletter have been scientifically proven to be smarter, better looking and at least 50% more awesome than average. This is another great way to imply your product is for dogs without being so totally obvious about it. These elements also incorporate nicely into a lettermark, if you don’t want a full-blown logo. A company with an elephant in their logo for example, would make us think of something large and strong, instilling an air of reliability about that company. Who wants to eat dog food or wear a collar? But if you’re using a cartoony style for your happy pup, a big ol’ smile definitely works. Let’s look at some dog logos that’ll inspire your branding efforts. So I made logo with my drawing of company owners personal dog in it. It’s everything that it needs to be. BOXER show. We love our dogs, and that’s why there are so many services and products for them. I’m not here to judge.). Working in dog iconography helps clarify your purpose. Plus, the bone carries with it many other connotations, such as food, caring, and comfort. World Dog Show. If so, try the BrandCrowd logo maker to discover an amazing collection of dog logo ideas. Dox. As great as your product may be, you’ll have to convince the owners that it will make their dog happy. Change colours, fonts, add a tagline… Our dog logo maker is 100% customizable and easy to use. Rather than just making something attractive, th… He's also a filmmaker, having shot over two dozen short films, and a feature film, Other Halves. They’re lifelong companions, service animals, and even celebrities! The colors are perfect, the lettering is masculine, the overall feel is athletic and the glossy effect works well. You don’t necessarily need to show the entire dog to beat the customer over the head that your product is, indeed, for dogs. ... Or the HMV design which uses a dog. And you’re one of ‘em. In reality, a dog baring its teeth isn’t a good sign. A logo that incorporates both dogs and cats is ideal for services, such as vets or groomers, that cover more than one kind of domestic animal. It’s time to adopt a new dog logo using our free logo design software. Something went wrong posting the comment. unpugged. It doesn't matter how big they are, or how fast they'd rip you apart if they … bad DOG. Our newsletter is only for the coolest kids. BrandCrowd is handcrafted from around the world, Enter your email & we'll save your favourite logos, By proceeding you accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This is a photo of a dog logo with a circular design that features a brown canine. Circular Dog Logo. Many people consider their dog to be a part of the family. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Trying to convince yourself that your old company logo is still working for your brand is like trying to convince yourself that a dog will never bark. leadshouse-fi. Animal Hospital by [ ] for plator DVet needs a new logo by Arthean for Miguelf.sousa Cat & Dog charity by Cross the Lime for firstmmo Whatever the reason, you can represent the idea of “dog” by utilizing iconography. So make sure your logo shows you want to be a part of the family, too. Dogs have dignity. Maybe subtlety is more your thing. Get ready for amazing stuff in your inbox. That being said, the iconic dog bone is engrained in our culture. PARACHUTING DOG. posh my pup. Until the day Lassie learns how to operate a Visa, these company logos need to appeal to dog’s owner, not the actual product consumer. CH needed vintage, badge-like logo. Your customers might have a veritable menagerie of pets. shoot my dog. Pick one of the dog logos on this page or update your search. petfoto. Then use the editor to change the colors and fonts until your new animal logo looks just right. Do you need a dog logo for your pet grooming service, a pet store or vet hospital? Download your dog logo and start sharing it with the world! 51 electrician logos that’ll give you a jolt, The 16 best logo design tutorials on the web in 2020. Create a professional dog logo in minutes with our free dog logo maker. They’re not just here for your amusement. DOG CLICK TRAINING. Many families don’t limit themselves to just dogs. Creative dog. GreenDog. Fun and playful logo concept for Animodel. One step towards convincing them of that is to show a happy dog on your logo. Logo has 50's and 60's overall vintage look. A logo that incorporates both dogs and cats is ideal for services, such as vets or groomers, that cover more than one kind of domestic animal. Having been domesticated for nearly 15,000 years, dogs are more than just man’s best friend. (I mean, unless that’s your thing. Car companies frequently use animals such as horses and fast cats, symbolizing speed and agility.