Commercial smokehouses, ovens, steam cabinets. PRODUCTS About Contact Jobs Trade shows 1-888-343-5421 ScottPec, Inc. Ontario, Canada : 1 519 836 6902 ScottPec, Inc. South Dakota, USA : 1 303 823 5839 ScottPec, Inc. Latin America 1 519 836 6902; Smokehouses. Some vital elements to consider are: Longevity: A restaurant requires a commercial electric smoker to prepare smoked meat. Cold smoking at 52-71° F (12-22° C), from 1-14 days, applying thin smoke with occasional breaks in between, is one of the oldest preservation methods. smoking, cooking, baking, roasting, drying, cooling, defrosting, fermenting, aging. Additionally, it is intended to slow smoking. But, smoking fish without brine, prefer the hot method. The smoker now provides an all-year environment where I can smoke in commercial quantities. Durability and efficiency are important factors. There are various factors you need to consider. Electricity can maintain a set temperature easily, which makes these electric smokers ideal for smoking food for long hours at a time. Commercial indoor electric smokers are perfect additions to your diner, BBQ joint, or Southern cooking restaurant. Moreover, it is quite different to buy a smoker for commercial and home use. Plus, these smokers use energy very efficiently, so they can help to reduce your utility bills. Also by running the Smoke Generator on it owns you can successfully cold smoke at ambient temperatures. Just select the cold smoking technology. iMax 1000 touch screen smokehouse … To cold smoke meat, the basic process is as follows: The meat goes through a curing process to extract … Bradley Smokers SA (Pty) Ltd have imported 2 different sizes of these amazing smokers, namely the 4 Rack which comes in both analogue and digital versions, and then there’s the big brother, the 6 Rack Digital, all three of which have the option of adding a “Cold Smoke Adapter” which is essential to create a truly cold smoked environment…then lastly but certainly not least there is the Bradley Smoke … They are able to make a lot of other dishes as well. 700W. For standard smoking like fish we usually use 50% of the burner’s power, i.e. We even offer some electric smokers that are stacked, allowing you to … Some food products can be cold smoked and may not need to be cured like meat does. Cold smoked products can last for months without being refrigerated. We cannot produce cold smoke if the outside temperature is 90° F (32° C), unless we can cool it down, which is what some industrial smokers do. Cons. difficult to move and adjust; a cover could be necessary. The variable speed fan in the exhaust allows me to finely control the burn in the smoke generator and ensures that a good steady air … Pros. sturdy; huge area; a lot of racks; heavy-duty; easy-to-aggregate. Cold smoking is a process that, when used in conjunction with curing, preserves and adds a distinctive smokey flavor to meat. Verdict. Cold smoking is a drying process whose purpose is to remove moisture thus preserving a product. It’s safe. I guess it’s amazing for fish. So, I recommend the spacious smoker to … In the case of low temperatures and maximum load of the smoker, the switch should go to position 1400W, which will allow us to achieve the right temperature in a short time for items like chicken and beef. Commercial smoker’s application is possible. They cannot afford to buy a low-quality electric … The temperature management allows for the smoking of butter and cheese at lower temperatures (10-12 C) and smoked salmon at higher temperatures (25 C).