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Some other other cookies remain in your device’s memory until they are deleted. This morning I saw them en masse, do something I haven’t seen them do before. This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. They are so elegant when swimming through water so I think a glide suits them perfectly. I don’t think it’s a real collective noun but I’ve always called a group of swans ‘a glide of swans’. Apparently, it’s a water dance of grebes! Thanks, great list! Configure or reject cookies here or. What a fun read! The collective term for a group of sparrows is a host of sparrows, a quarrel of sparrows, or a flock of sparrows. albatrosses – a rookery of albatrossesalbatrosses – a weight of albatrossesauks – a raft of auksavocets – a colony of avocets, bitterns – a pretence of bitternsbitterns – a sedge of bitternsbitterns – a siege of bitternsbobolinks – a chain of bobolinksbullfinches – a bellowing of bullfinchesbuzzards – a wake of buzzards, capercaillie – a tok of capercailliecapons – a mews of caponschicks – a brood of chickschicks – a clutch of chickschicks – chattering of chickschickens – a brood of chickenschickens – a peep of chickenschoughs – a clattering of choughscoots – a covert of cootscoots – a raft of cootscormorants – a flight of cormorantscranes – a herd of cranescranes – a sedge of cranescrows – a horde of crowscrows – a hover of crowscrows – a mob of crowscrows – a murder of crowscrows – a muster of crowscrows – a parcel of crowscrows – a parliament of crowscrows – a storytelling of crowscurlews – a herd of curlews, dotterel – a trip of dottereldoves – a bevy of dovesdoves – a dole of dovesdoves – a flight of dovesdoves – a piteousness of dovesdoves – a pitying of dovesducks (diving) – a dopping of ducks ducks (flying) – a plump of ducks ducks (on water) – a paddling of ducksducks – a badling of ducksducks – a flush of ducksducks – a raft of ducksducks – a sord of ducksducks – a team of ducksducks – a twack of ducksdunlin – a fling of dunlins, eagles – a congress of eagleseagles – a convocation of eaglesemus – a mob of emus, falcons – a cast of falconsfinches – a charm of finchesfinches – a trembling of finchesfinches – a trimming of finchesflamingos – a flamboyance of flamingosflamingos – a stand of flamingos, godwits – an omniscience of godwitsgodwits – a prayer of godwitsgodwits – a pantheon of godwitsgoldfinches – a drum of goldfinchesgoldfinches – a troubling of goldfinchesgoldfinches – a charm of goldfinchesgoldfinches – a chirm of goldfinchesgeese – a gaggle of geesegeese (flying) – a wedge of geese geese – a nide of geesegeese – a skein of geesegeese (on water) – a plump of geesegoshawks – a flight of goshawksgrouse – a covey of grousegrouse – a lek of grousegrouse – a pack of grouseguillemots – a bazaar of guillemotsguinea fowl – a confusion of guinea fowlgulls – a colony of gullsgulls – a screech of gulls, hawks – a cast of hawkshawks (tame) – a lease of hawkshawks –  a kettle of hawkshens – a brood of hensherons – a siege of heronsherons – a sedge of heronshummingbirds – a charm of hummingbirds, jackdaws – a clattering of jackdaws jackdaws – a train of jackdaws jays – a band of jays jays – a party of jays jays – a scold of jays, kingfishers – a concentration of kingfishers kingfishers – a crown of kingfishers kingfishers – a realm of kingfishers, lapwings – a desert of lapwings larks – a bevy of larks larks – an exaltation of larks larks – an exalting of larks, magpies – a conventicle of magpies magpies – a gulp of magpiesmagpies – a mischief of magpiesmagpies – a tidings of magpies magpies – a tittering of magpiesmallards – a sute of mallards mallards – a sord of mallards martins – a richness of martins mudhen– a fleet of mudhen, owls – a parliament of owls owls – a stare of owls owls – a study of owlsowls – a wisdom of owlsoystercatchers – a parcel of oystercatchers, parrots – a company of parrots parrots – a prattle of parrots parrots – a pandemonium of parrots partridges – a covey of partridges peacocks – a muster of peacocks peacocks – a pride of peacocks peacocks – an ostentation of peacocks pelicans – a pod of pelicanspelicans – a scoop of pelicanspelicans – a squadron of pelicanspenguins – a colony of penguins penguins – a creche of penguins penguins – a huddle of penguins penguins – a parcel of penguins penguins – a rookery of penguins pheasants – a bouquet of pheasants pheasants – a covey of pheasants pheasants – a nide of pheasants pheasants – a nye of pheasants pigeons – a kit of pigeons pigeons – a loft of pigeons plovers – a congregation of plovers ptarmigans – a covey of ptarmigans, quail – a bevy of quail quail – a covey of quail, ravens – an unkindness of ravensrobins – a blush of robinsrobins – a bobbin of robinsrobins – a breast of robinsrobins – a carol of robinsrobins – a gift of robinsrobins – a reliant of robinsrobins – a riot of robinsrobins – a rouge of robinsrobins – a round of robinsrobins – a ruby of robinsrobins (American) – a worm of robinsrooks – a building of rooksrooks – a clamour of rooksrooks – a parliament of rooksruffs – a hill of ruffs, sandpipers – a bind of sandpiperssandpipers – a cluster of sandpiperssandpipers – a contradiction of sandpiperssandpipers – a fling of sandpiperssandpipers – a hill of sandpiperssandpipers – a time-step of sandpiperssea fowl – a cloud of sea fowlseagulls – a colony of seagullsseagulls – a flock of seagullsshelducks – a doading of shelducksshelducks – a dopping of shelducksskylarks – an exultation of skylarkssnipe – a walk of snipesnipe – a wisp of snipesparrows – a host of sparrowssparrows – a quarrel of sparrowssparrows – an ubiquity of sparrowsstarlings – a murmuration of starlingsstorks – a muster of storksstorks – a phalanx of storksswallows – a flight of swallowsswallows – a gulp of swallowsswans – a gaggle of swansswans (flying) – a wedge of swansswans – a bank of swansswans – a bevy of swansswans – a whiteness of swansswans – a herd of swansswans – an eyrar of swansswans – a gargle of swans, teal – a diving of teal teal – a spring of teal thrushes – a mutation of thrushes turkeys – a raffle of turkeys turkeys – a rafter of turkeys turtle doves – a dole of turtle doves turtle doves – a pitying of turtle doves, waterfowl – a knob of waterfowl waterfowl – a plump of waterfowl wigeon – a coil of wigeon woodpeckers – a descent of woodpeckers woodcocks – a fall of woodcocks wrens – a herd of wrens. Your email address will not be published. We have a “Clique” (my term) of about 30 Sparrows visiting every day first thing, to see what’s on the bird table – usually Wild Bird grain.