Get a Dose of the good stuff! Other benefits of Locako MCT Oil & Grass Fed Collagen Coffee Creamer in Natural may include: - improved mental focus - support for gut health - a faster metabolism - support for weight loss efforts - a reduction in stored body fat *Medium Chain Triglycerides. Helps Ketone … What is coffee creamer? Locako Coffee Creamer is a delicious Low carb, Dairy Free, Paleo, Gluten free hot drink, coffee and smoothie creamer enriched with Coconut milk, MCT's and Grass fed Collagen. $ 34.95 Locako Collagen Coffee Creamer … Made in Australia… Type 1 & 3 collagen; 10 grams of collagen … Locako Coffee Creamer is a delicious low carb, dairy free, paleo, gluten free hot drink, coffee or smoothie creamer enriched with coconut milk, MCT’s and grass-fed collagen. Innovative formulas for people who care about health and wellness. This vanilla collagen creamer is made with collagen, milk powder, vanilla flavour and monk fruit extract for sweetness. Think aeroplane and hotel room sachets, America and, well, practically any country that doesn’t have the amazing coffee culture we are blessed with in Australia. Dose & Co collagen creamers make the perfect addition to your coffee, tea, smoothie and more. Rich in collagen and good fats. Benefits. Creamer is a powder that is designed to thicken coffee… Collagen powder supplements in the form of a coffee creamer, protein blend and more!