A coffee table is an important piece of furniture that enables us to do so many things. Enjoy 15% Off by using code: WORKFROMHOME15% for selected Office Chairs >, Harrison Coffee Table/Dining Table (Convertible) - V2, Dex Coffee Table/Dining Table - D450/900 (Extendable), Zashima Bedside Table/ Coffee Table – Small. Get high-quality coffee tables in Singapore in a wide range of materials and designs from elaborate to minimalistic. Besides the top of the coffee table, under it, there are 4 compartments for you to store anything you want. This only downside is that this coffee table is quite small. (+65)6291 1725. You can keep things like your books, magazines and remote controls in this storage space for easy access. Additionally, this coffee table is a two-tiered structure, so you’ll get a good amount of storage space underneath. Check out our stunning selection of coffee tables. Not only are there a wide range of choices, but you can also use coupons to lower the already low prices. It looks small and compact on the outside, but inside it is a large hidden storage compartment. Our personal favourite is through e-commerce platforms like Lazada, Qoo10 and Shopee. Design your living area the way you want with modern designs. The Eliza II Oval Coffee Table gives you a beautiful marble design without the exorbitant price. Whichever design you choose, you should be able to find a cheap option through our recommendations. The perfect coffee table is just a click away, so browse our collections today! You can store books, magazines and even your remote controls there. The bright side is that it has extra storage space at the bottom. That way, the space on the top can be saved more for things like a cup of coffee. (4) GAMLEHULT. It is super versatile because it is water-resistant. That means you can fold it up and set it up anywhere. It is only 45cm long and 30cm wide. Another question is whether you need your coffee table to have storage space. You also need to leave some extra space between your coffee table and sofa. It is small enough such that you can move it around quite easily. And once you do, we guarantee you will fall in love with its simple yet striking design. We offer a wide variety of unique styles only using top quality materials. If you need storage space, you will want a coffee table that has compartments under its tabletop. And it looks amazing. [email protected] Find your living room’s statement piece and tea time companion at Comfort Furniture, Singapore today. With wheels, you have maximum flexibility of where you want your coffee table to be at. But don’t worry, we got your back. Real marble tabletops are very expensive. On the other hand, larger coffee tables give you more convenient space to put things. Instead of carrying a 10kg table around, now you can just wheel it here and there easily. Are you going to be putting many things or it, or are you using it more as a design element? For all its features, it is very budget-friendly at the same time so definitely consider it. For one, a small coffee table can provide an outlet for one to place his coffee mug as one enjoys some rest in the morning before heading to work in Singapore. A combination of metal and glass is also a popular combination. The Elevate Table possesses all of the qualities mentioned, and is height-adjustable too! Whether you prefer a glass coffee table for that minimalist vibe or are looking to baby-proof your home with a round coffee table, there’s bound to be a coffee table in the style you prefer for sale at Comfort Furniture, Singapore that will catch your eye. However, coffee tables can be very expensive. Any other reproduction in any form without the permission of Comfort Design is prohibited. We recommend that you add a few design elements to it, such as plants and books. This means that we may receive a small commission from platforms like Amazon if you make a purchase. Measure up space you have, especially if there is limited space. In terms of size, this Blythe Coffee Table measures 100cm in height, 52cm in width and 40cm in height. Kicking back and relaxing to watch a movie just wouldn’t be the same without a coffee table. 10 Cheap Coffee Tables in Singapore (2020) Below $250, 4.