CedarGravel creates stable drive surface and drains rain into your ground, rather than onto the public road.8 problems caused by building house on clay or with house-wall attached to clay. The membership now covers 27 countries, providing the world-wide interest and appeal for this fascinating genus. In frost-prone areas, grow in a cool greenhouse; elsewhere, use to clothe a pergola, arbour or house wall. Extremely long flowering season if kept well fed and watered. Above 120 inches (300+ cms) in height - The Higher Reaches. Pre-building work on polluted soil.Companion Planting ...A, B, C, D, E, ...F, G, H, I, J, K, ...L, M, N, O, P, Q, ...R, S, T, U, V, W, ...X, Y, Z ...Pest Control ...using Plants Garden Construction with ground drains Garden Design ...How to Use the Colour Wheel Concepts for Selection of Flowers, Foliage and Flower Shape ...RHS Mixed Borders ......Bedding Plants ......Her Perennials ......Other Plants ......Camera photos of Plant supports Garden Maintenance Glossary with a tomato teaching cauliflowers Home Library of over 1000 books Offbeat Glossary with DuLally Bird in its flower clock. If the top third is removed straight after flowering a second flush will occur with flowers well into autumn. Light Prune - Remove dead and damaged stems before growth begins in early spring and trim all remaining stems back to where strong buds are visible. is extraordinarily floriferous, tough and vigorous. Awarded The 'Award of Garden Merit' by the RHS in 1993. Clematis montana - Montana means growing in mountainous places. Note that some forms of armandii may be toxic to animals, especially dogs. It can get mildew, do plant in a well-ventilated site. A very strong grower. Clematis - Montana, HERBACEOUS Clematis & CUT FLOWER Clematis, Prune Light - Group 2 - Large Flowers, Prune Hard - Group 3 - Medium sized flowers, Prune Hard - Group 3 - Larger sized flowers, Boulevard Collection ( low growing clematis ), Sent out in Large 2 litre pots, (8 inches deep x 5 inches wide), In most cases plants are around 1 metre high when sent out (depending on growth rate & time of year), All our plants are at least 2 years old when sent out. Members come from many different cultures - from China and Japan, from Poland, Latvia and Estonia, from Germany, Great Britain and Sweden, from Australia, USA and Canada, making the Society truly international. Full Sun or Part Shade. Bees Jubilee is a compact plant that is suited for containers. Proving a good doer the shiny leaves are very mildew resistant. Very eye-catching. No Pruning - Prune after flowering to shorten stems to allotted space. Clematis of the Month for September 2000. Named 'Carmencita' because this clematis reminded Magnus Johnson of "dark-eyed Spanish beauties". Bred by Bill Baker of Tidmarsh, Herne, England and named after his wife. Vigorous and free-flowering. This group includes cultivars that bear large flowers from summer to early autumn, cultivars that bear small flowers from summer to late autumn, and herbaceous midsummer to late autumn-blooming species and cultivars. 2-3" dia. A very strong grower. Grow to clothe a wall, arbour, trellis or pergola. This Clematis of the Month is a dependable grower to 8'-10' (2.5-3m). In December 2015 the following mail-order nurseries sold some of these Clematis:-. Comments - Form Type, Pruning Group, Native UK Plant. Red berries follow in autumn just before the entire plant dies down for the winter. Plant Type. Use on sheltered South-facing wall, but not on a house wall as the climber can block guttering. A fast growing vine, with long trailing stems that stretch over 20 feet from the roots, and smother other plant life. 36-120 inches (90-300 cms) in height - The Prime Site. Suitable for pots if hard pruned, otherwise grow on Trellis. Goldheart Ivy foliage is Dark Green, each with a central splash of bright Yellow. Group 3'Alionushka' is an affectionate form of a Russian girl's name. After first flowering with its strong sweet scent; it can be cut back, fed and watered to get a good second show. montana Grandiflora is one of few montanas that are actually white and perfumed. This encourages new growth to flower in the following season. Light intensity will depend on the aspect of the wall (North-facing will get very little sunlight) with the surrounding buildings and plants, including trees. White Clematis is scented and a very vigorous climber, which is ideal for covering fences, garden walls and pergolas. It is a fine companion for some of the deep purple-flowered Clematis. Easily the most popular pink clematis. Height x Width in inches (cms) - 1 inch = 2.5 cms, 12 inches = 1 foot, 36 inches = 3 feet = 1 yard, 40 inches = 100 cms. It's difficult to sing the praises of Clematis 'Etoile Violette' too highly. to horizontal wires or trellis. In early spring remove a third of the oldest stems to ground level. Easy and prolific. Normally the foliage should be in the Sun or Part Shade while the roots are kept cool in the shade and moist. Grow in a Pot and in beds of bush roses, through open shrubs, small deciduous trees or obelisks. Flowers better if its roots are restricted. Grown on a house wall for its small evergreen leaves and for the ornamental berries, that are produced in the autumn and last long into the winter. Humus-rich Sand with Chalk. Excellent for training on a low wall - up one side and down the other. Tends to lose its variegation if grown as ground cover. Grandiflora, Hi the growth rate that you could expect would be around 3-4 metres per year, so I would say at least 2 plants and total coverage should be achieved in 2/3 years Very striking grown through a deep green yew hedge or over a garden but not a house wall. Mikelite is a Lithuanian girl's name. Passio is spanish for passion and floris is flower. Mature specimens also provide an important habitat for insects and small birds. Pruning Group 11, after its spicily frag-rant flowers. Thin overcrowded growth after flowering. Half-hardy - climber can withstand temperatures down to 0 degrees Centigrade. C. montana alba – White fragrant flowers to 5cm. There are 180 families in the Wildflowers of the UK and they have been split up into 22 Galleries to allow space for up to 100 plants per gallery. A 'Bal Maiden' was a female surface worker (usually a widow) in Cornish tin mines. Twiners. Use on Chainlink Fence or 1 inch square timber of trellis as support, but not advisable on external house walls. poultry and dogs) and humans." Rich dark foliage compliments the flowers and looks great all summer. Further details of each are available in Climber Gallery Climber Ramblers and Scramblers for House Wall and other supports like garden walls, pergolas, tripods, shrubs, trees,Climber Wall Shrub Index for House Wall and other areas of the garden,Climber Annuals Index for all support areas except House Walls, Climber Base of Wall Plants for all support areas except House Walls, Climber Self-Clinging Index for all support areas except House Walls, Climber Tender Plants Index for all support areas except House Walls, or Climber Twiners Index for all support areas except House Walls . Hard Prune - Cut back all the previous year's stems to a pair of strong buds, 0.5 feet (0.5 feet = 6 inches = 15 cms) above soil level before growth begins in early spring. May, June, July, August,September, October. Planted in the shade, the blossoms last for weeks instead of days. I think it can withstand frost down to about -3C or -4C but no lower. In early spring remove a third of the oldest stems to ground level. Light prune in the winter, stems can be reduced after first flowering at which time feed and water to get a good second show. An excellent plant for a north facing wall. Easily the most popular pink clematis. Flowering months range abreviates month to its first 3 letters (Apr-Jun is April, May and June). Grow to clothe a wall, arbour, trellis or pergola. Found in the garden of Ute Kruse, Luneberg, Germany. montana Grandiflora is one of few montanas that are actually white and perfumed. These buds provide a framework of second-year shoots which, in turn, produce sideshoots that flower in late spring and early summer. However it was introduced by veitch from north india in 1844. sometimes refered to as Montana 'alba' or Montana … Foliage is Grey-Green with broad Yellow margins. Climber Base of Wall Plants Index. Japanese Honeysuckle is ideal for covering a pergola, arch or boundary wall, or scrambling through robust shrubs and trees. Young shoots bear more flowers in mid and late summer at their tips. Clematis'Etoile Violette' Clematis 'Violet Star',Clematis 'Fantasy'Group 3. The flowers on long stems have green tips and a wide bell shape that flattens out as they open. So if you are wanting to see some sort of results this year then I would get them in now as all our plants are 2 years old in 2 litre pots and fully hardy, it means that they are fully mature and can be planted at anytime of year, so the sooner they go in the better they will perform this same season. Plant near a patio or deck and enjoy its fresh fragrance!