When she reached her limit, she gave her black card to Ophelia asking her to pass it on to Miria. However, he possesses powerful Yoki Manipulation skills, forcing the members of Team Flora to attack each other and immobilizing them - the most powerful Yoki-manipulating Claymore, Galatea, can only occasionally misdirect attacks. Typical Yoma appearance. Helen is Claymore #22 in Clare's time and is often hot tempered and aggressive. And the Irish county Clare (Anglicization of the Irish-Gaelic "an Clár"), meaning "a plain or flat place." After noting that many Claymores in the Northern army were afraid to face Awakened Beings, he attacks Jean's team, incapacitating the four lower ranking members. After being captured by Riful and Dauf, she is tortured until she Awakens. His animal-shaped Awakened form is Mantis. After Awakening, she hid in the holy city of Rabona and feasted upon the people there in secret. Unknown type and ability. 6 of the Organization. We follow the tale of Clare the 47th Claymore as she searches for vengeance. [9], At the cliff's bottom, Clare grabs her sword and cuts off the Yoma's arm, then skullcap.[10]. Awakened Beings (覚醒者 Kakusei-sha) are former Claymores who went over their 80% limit and Awakened. Ophelia instead ripped it apart, condemning her to become an Awakened Being. However, despite the presumption, there are several Awakened Beings that have displayed human like sentimentality and even genuine affection. A mantis-like male Awakened Being that inhabited the mountains of Paburo, serving as an executioner for the Organization to get rid of troublesome Claymores. Very little is known about this Being apart from that it was a former single digit female Claymore and was killed by Ophelia. Was the first Awakened Being that Clare confronted as a Claymore. However, this is perhaps due to Beth's infection by a Parasitic Rod and her subsequent mutation to take traits of Luciela's Awakened form. [4], Raki awakes at an inn. [2] A multi-plate buckle holds 2-layer spaulders on the shoulders. Hilda was formerly No. She is later defeated by the seven survivors of the Northern Campaign. Clare travels around after her separation from Raki, and becomes friends with a Claymore named Jean. His speed can easily match and even surpass that of Miria, one of the fastest Claymores of her generation, and his greater Yoki and experience allows him to maintain it without tiring. Shoulder-length dark hair and shift dress. Priscilla was formerly a Claymore of the Organization, ranked #2, who Awakened shortly after killing Teresa. Early life unknown. Whats up everybody and welcome to another Anime Video on my channel! Manga scenes (chapters) not yet translated cite Shueisha tankōbon (ja) editions. Slender female human body with narrow waist and long legs. In contrast to his offensive capability, Rigardo lacks particular power in his regenerative powers. In her Awakened form, she resembles a large lamia with elongated blades in place of regular arms, as well as possessing blades protruding from her back. Claymore New Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Another strange case is with Miria's friend, Hilda. Miria has great leadership qualities and cares deeply about her comrades. https://claymorenew.fandom.com/wiki/Awakened_Claymore?oldid=60312, Contrary to some reference websites, no evidence is presented that the order for the Yoma suppression originated from Egon. In the end, she is killed by the latter, leaving her vow of vengeance against Priscilla, who had killed and devoured her brother years ago, to the younger Claymore. This lie was made up in order to cover up the fact that it is actually Claymores themselves who become this bigger, stronger type of Yoma. Even so, they are much stronger than Yoma, who are often reduced to working for Awakened Beings as expendable drones. Her hair is made of these tentacles as well but missing the thin film of flesh connecting them. He uses his multiple limbs to parry attacks from all five Claymores, wounding Veronica and Cynthia, before Jean and Helen use their special attacks to remove all his limbs. She kills soldiers and uses their blood to quench her thirst and bathe in.