Even today, Google has no CTO, CDO, CIO — they have engineers and a product team. Conventional wisdom says it depends on a company's strategy. The … Generally responsible for the technical teams and to implement new strategies to improve the final product. A similar role to the CIO position, since in some companies they share tasks. Some organisations employ a CIO and a CTO. The CIO is on an equal or in some cases higher seat in the overall command structure. Conventional wisdom about the CIO's reporting structure may be flawed. His explanation for being a CTO rather than a CIO is straightforward. The Chief Technology Officer oversees the development and correct operation of information systems from the point of view of execution. The IT management reporting structure should enable this position to accomplish these activities and ensure accountability for security, business resilience, risk reporting, and alignment of IT with business needs. Editor's note: This is an update of an interview with information security researcher Tarah Wheeler, conducted at the ISSA International Conference in San Diego in 2017. At transport specialist Trainline, for example, CTO Mark Holt is the company’s senior technology leader. Rajiv Banker, professor of accounting and IT at Temple University's Fox School of Business, says that conventional reporting models don't always produce the expected results. This role is quite similar to that of a CIO, but the approach in this case is more technical. CTO- Chief Technology Officer CTOs are responsible for information technology. And while CTOs often report to CIOs in blue-chip enterprises, the roles and the relationships between them vary between companies. Should CIOs report to CEOs or CFOs? A CTO creates technology to sell to customers whereas a CIO focuses on managing infrastructure for the business operations. The CIO and CTO job roles are frequently confused, but there are clear distinctions between the two positions in most large enterprises. “More typically, they would be buried in some convoluted reporting structure.” While Eteläniemi believes the CIO’s office is the most logical place for the CISO to report today some businesses note the importance of CISO impartiality and have removed any direct reporting line to the CIO. The CIO or CTO should play a key role in the strategic planning as well as supporting activities of peers in various lines of business. In this case technology has the ability to drive the business with a vision. In the digital age, many traditional IT roles and reporting structures are changing to balance support for both operations and innovations. New management order: CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, CXO to CIO - Although the position of the CEO has a certain awe attached to it, it also comes with many responsibilities. The CEO is, therefore, responsible for the success or failure of the company. According to K logix, more than half of CISOs report to the chief information officer (CIO) while 15 percent report to the chief executive officer (CEO). CTOs must consciously refine and redefine their role structure and engagement to help CIOs and business leaders achieve this balance. CTO . There, Wheeler argued that CISO-CIO relationships can undermine an organization's cybersecurity efforts, in particular when companies have their CISOs reporting to the office of the CIO. It’s that simple. Shifting the CISO Reporting Structure.