California Child Custody Questions & Answers. Our attorneys are licensed solely in the State of California. California Family Code sections 3022, 3087, and 3088 provide that child custody and visitation orders may be modified while the child is still a minor and whenever modification is “necessary or proper” and in the child’s best interest. Glenn L. Robertson believes that alternative dispute … Child custody cases require a good working knowledge of family law as well as state law. will be in any of the Southern California Courts, please contact us. Justia disclaimers below, incorporated herein. Is there a lawyer who can help defend the parents of an infant who is in the hospital (but they did nothing wrong)? Our strategy sessions are designed for the serious parent. We only handle family law matters in Southern California Courts. if not what are the consequences if i do it ? What are the Top Ten Child Custody Questions? In Orange County, Judge Hurwitz wrote the following: We believe this should qualify for an emergency court order. Good luck. through various digital applications. I had custody of children, mom was on supervised visits. These are completely false. Justia cannot guarantee that the information on this website (including any legal information provided by an attorney through this service) is accurate, complete, or up-to-date. more info needed. You have not... Joe should be asking his own questions. We wrote this article for parents who are dealing with child BF Joe and ex have 5050 legal/physical custody order. My gf only have the child be dropped off and does not want to get any child support from the biological dad. She even went as far as to call my parole officer and tell him to put a restraining order on me as a part of my parole stipulations and my PO lied to me and said that it was... Read more », To end your mother's guardianship of your son, you will need to demonstrate to the judge that it is in your child's best interest to end the guardianship. Nobody will help me and I cannot afford a lawyer. against me and I have not seen my 4yo in almost 2 years. We do not consult with nor represent any person who is located outside of North America. When each parent has custody 50% of the time, we can eliminate a few variables from the child support equation. who has the Coronavirus seems contrary to the child's best interest and an Much has changed since then. Child custody rights include legal custody, which includes making important legal decisions on behalf of their child, and physical custody. We have some family members who called 911 because their infant was acting strange/ irritated and seemed to have trouble breathing. California child custody laws give the Family Court discretion and of course issues such as the child's maturity, parental influence, conditioning and alienation play a role in whether the court will listen to a child's preference and act on it. In California, a variety of factors contribute to deciding child custody. The child gets dropped off to the dad, but only the biological dad's wife takes care of the child only. including telephone and electronic communication. IF THERE WAS AN ERROR WHY WASN'T RECTIFIED SOONER? In California courts, you may hear them called "730 evaluations" or "3110 evaluations," referring to the sections of state code that govern them. How can I get the court to have someone talk to my daughter? We know how important your children are to you. The key issue is not exposing the child to she'll need to start a parentage (aka paternity) action and ask for custody orders as a part of that action. child, due to my ex spouse currently being unstable and providing a hostile environment to our child? How do parents treat such holidays when an order states one parent has the child until the child returns to school? child exposed to it should seek an emergency child custody order that suspends Please help! Q: Do I still have to pay my ex spouse child support, if the judge has given me temporary custody of my. This hyper-technical reading of an order may expose the parent withholding the child to repercussions including potential monetary sanctions or even a loss of parenting time if the Court is asked to address the issue at a later date. Here is what he wrote: What other counties do remain to be seen, but, once again, what Orange County is doing does appear consistent with best practices. The minor's counsel is another attorney in the case who can investigate, discuss... Read more », I had contacted the intire time but was unaware intill a year later when he took my son with his new girlfriend and kidnapped him to oregon while I was out of town dealing with personal matters without my permission when I tried to do something about it i found out about the court date that had... Read more ». I WOULD ENCOURAGE YOU TO WRITE OUT A DETAILED SUMMARY OF THE FACTS AS "FREE LAWYERS" DON'T ALWAYS HAVE A LOT OF TIME. A week ago my mom made an incident report because she saw him outside my bedroom window. Your retroactivity, I have found to my chagrin begins from the date of request for... Read more », I am living with the father of my 2 younger kids (3y and 5m) and he just broke off our engagement. I want to make sure that I have primary custody. He should retain an attorney and file for orders clarifying the custody situation if this is not working for him. child, due to my ex spouse currently being unstable and providing a hostile environment to our child? Our strategy sessions are designed for the serious parent. Additionally, no responses on this forum constitute legal advice, which must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case. Is this a violation of the court's order or is the parent who denies the court ordered parenting time justified in doing so. Aug2017-oct2019 (letter, emails and bank statements as reference) October of 2019 communication between us turned. This is a public forum to ask questions. Can one lawyer help me if I have filed for custody and filed for restraining order on the same person? What can the other parent do? not at high risk to get the Coronavirus, Ultimate Guide on California Child Custody Laws, How to Win a Child Custody Case in California. You have not... Read more ». Our family law firm remains fully operational during the Governor's "Stay at Home" order. She went to court and. Can I request the court to talk to my 5 year old child? BY WRITING THINGS OUT THE LAWYER DOESN'T HAVE TO PLAY SECRETARY.