If it’s an issue that can be remedied, focus on that and making your child feel safe. Children are cute when naughty. That shouldn’t stop you, however, from doing what’s right even if they don’t. The exact cause of this syndrome is unknown. We want them to be informed and aware of things like stranger danger. Rachel Wise is a certified school psychologist and licensed behavior specialist with a Master’s Degree in Education. We strive to be a better parent today than we were yesterday. Artificial Sweeteners In Pregnancy: Which Ones Are Safe & Unsafe? I'm Jeff Campbell. SOLUTION – When possible without driving yourself crazy, give your kids choices. Your little boy maybe lying more often than you realized. All rights reserved. Love, support, being nurturing and communicating effectively, along with clear consequences are the real key to child behavior problems and solutions. Here’s what I know as a father of 3 and someone who works with hundreds of kids: But that only just scratches the surface of child behavior problems and solutions. I am sending So, what do you do when your toddler screams? There has been a massive increase in prescribing of anti-depressants to children over the last decade. Please read our Disclaimer. 10 Essential Fiber Rich Foods To Cure Constipation In Your Kids. The past is done and all we can do is learn from it and move forward as best as possible. Or possibly even a food allergy or just not going to bed early enough. It will also help you to raise excellent children. It’s even more complicated when you add multiple siblings of different ages who all need to be handled differently – all at the same time! It could be any one of a number of the issues we’ve already discussed; divorce, parental absence, addiction or neglect. Guiding and disciplining young children is a complex business that takes skill and focused effort – a lot to ask of you before, during or after a hard day’s work. Your email address will not be published. He is stubborn and answers back rudely every time his mother says something. More importantly, though, we look at real-world solutions you can put into place today, for a more harmonious house tomorrow. Check out all 13 of the Benefits of Limiting Screen Time (click to read on my site). [ Read: Anger Management Tips For Children ]. Unable to focus on one thing, gets restless, extremely lazy or disoriented. That doesn’t help anyone. So putting the needs of your child first (most of the time) is one of the keys to child behavior problems and solutions. Then it becomes a regular occurrence and can be very hard to break. A child suffering from this disorder may become indifferent to other’s problem. You can even ask your child to remind you that it is a bad word, should you ever say it in front of him. We aren’t doing them any favors by setting them up to believe they can do whatever they want whenever they want with no consequence. It is important to note that the rational part of the brain is not yet developed in children under 3 and are, therefore, driven by their emotions. While medication may be genuinely needed in some cases, I think we’re WAY over-prescribed as a society. If they throw a temper tantrum because they want a juice box and you give them a juice box to quiet them down, guess what? Difficulty remembering things, instructions, directions, etc. But if such behavior becomes a daily occurrence, then it is a cause for concern. Stay calm and let them see you are remaining calm (not always easy). And sometimes an undiagnosed learning issue could be the root of a behavioral issue (dyslexia being one of the most common). There a lot of different factors and unfortunately just when we figure out a certain age, they keep growing up and we have to figure out a whole new set of issues. They tend to show their anger or frustration in different ways, including screaming.