1. in Italian), and the cans bear stamps certifying this fact, as well as membership in the Consorzio San Marzano. The Ninas split a bit more on this round with 0.2 difference between them. These items offer high quality tomatoes in a thick puree, providing a delicious flavor and thick sauce. Cento's line includes certified San Marzano Italian Plum Tomatoes. CaCl2 becomes more important in the next category, but perhaps it helped retain some bright ripe color as well. It says San Marzano and 2. Anyone who watches food television or who follows celebrity chefs on social media will be familiar with the by-now-unequivocal refrain that “real” cooks only use San Marzano tomatoes in their sauces. IMG_2854 (640x480).jpg (117.01 kB, 640x480) IMG_2856 (640x480).jpg (76.11 kB, 640x480) Logged Jackie Tran . Cento's San Marzano tomatoes aren't the real thing, lawsuits allege . It says certified. Some brands widely exported, besides Cirio, include Cento, La Bella San Marzano, La Valle, Strianese, Titina's, and Carmelina. It’s a long, thin, meaty fruit with very little water and seeds. Other tomato varieties include Cento's 28oz and 35oz Italian Plum Tomatoes. Free 2-day shipping. Buy (4 Pack) Cento Peeled Tomatoes, Italian Style, 28 Oz at Walmart.com Cento Italian vs Cento San Marzanos vs San Benito Tomatoes - Sauce Ingredients - Pizza Making Forum ... From left to right: Cento Italian (CI), Cento San Marzano (CSM) DOP, and Sam's San Benito (SB). What are San Marzano tomatoes, exactly?Chowhound foodieX2 recently encountered a can labeled “San Marzano,” and underneath those words, in fine print, it read “style.” A case of misleading marketing, or is there actually something called a San Marzano–style tomato? The flavour is sweet, tangy, and less acidic than Roma tomatoes. All three of these have citric acid and two of them contain calcium chloride. It also states that while Cento’s distinctive yellow cans boast “certified” in bold letters, they do not bear the marking of an Italian consortium that confers the San Marzano title. Some, but not all, of these qualify for a European Union 'denomination of protected origin' designation (D.O.P. These certified San Marzano Italian Plum Tomatoes are the highest quality, and are incredibly flavorful. I'm starting to notice a trend here. T he San Marzano is the king of the Italian sauce tomatoes. A typical person would take that to mean it's certified that they are san marzano grown tomatoes or the tomatoes inside the can are certified to be san marzano type tomatoes. Spots 1 through 3 go to Luigi Vitelli, Cento Italian Style, and Sclafani (Don Pepino).