His hand grew, increasingly heavier on the people in his last days. 43 0 obj 6 0 obj 193 0 obj endobj Israel, Division of the Kingdoms of Problems for Israel began during the time that King David ruled the land. Jeroboam was on the king’s errand when he met the prophet Ahijah, who told him that God was going to give him authority over ten of the twelve tribes of Israel. <> Next » The Kingdom of Israel. The Division of the Kingdom. Appligent AppendPDF Pro 6.3 endobj   Terms. The article describes the various causes of the division of the Israelite monarchy following the reign of Solomon: 1) tribal jealousy, particularly between Ephraim and Judah; 2) sectionalistic military policies favoring Judah, through which Solomon alienated much of northern Israel; 3) Solomonic exploitation of the population for personal enrichment; and 4) Solomonic apostasy and spiritual … endobj endobj Several things must be set down as contributory causes of the division of the nation. 194 0 obj endobj endobj Two Kingdoms . The four causes of the division in Israel’s Kingdom include tribal jealousy, sectionalism military policies, Solomonic exploitation of the people, and Solomonic apostasy and spiritual compromise. endobj 37 0 obj Get step-by-step explanations, verified by experts. 13 0 obj . endobj Solomon used, these systems to alienate northern Israel a great deal (Brindle 223). Wayne Brindle Most of the non-Israelite … (i) Foreign wives - Solomon had married many foreign. <>19]/P 20 0 R/Pg 198 0 R/S/Link>> this article analyzes the underlying causes of the division of the kingdom of Israel in 931 B.c. Solomonic apostasy and spiritual compromise. This preview shows page 1 - 3 out of 6 pages. In 1 Kings 11:9-13, 29-37 we have an account of the division of the kingdom of Israel. The Causes of the Division of Israel\u2019s Kingdom - Stewart 1 Hakeem Stewart John Holmes Background and Culture of the Bible The Causes of the Division, The Causes of the Division of Israel’s Kingdom, Wayne A. Brindle’s article, “The Causes of the Division of Israel’s Kingdom” (1984), explores, the fundamental reasons that led to the division of Israelite monarchy during the reign of, Solomon. <> endobj The northern kingdom was ruled by the tribe of Ephraim through Jeroboam. endobj 189 0 obj endobj Factors which led to the division of the kingdom of Israel (i) Foreign wives - Solomon had married many foreign Princesses who bought high places (idols) with them the worship of foreign gods to Israel. endobj THE DIVISION OF THE KINGDOM: ITS CAUSE AND CONSEUQENCES independence of Israel (I Sam. THE DIVISION OF THE KINGDOM OF ISRAEL. 210 0 obj <> A. endstream 5 0 obj When Solomon's successor, Rehoboam, dealt tactlessly with economic complaints of the northern tribes, in about 930 BCE (there are differences of opinion as to the actual year) the Kingdom of Israel and Judah split into two kingdoms: the northern Kingdom of Israel, which included the cities of Shechem and Samaria, and the southern Kingdom of Judah, which contained Jerusalem. <> 47 0 obj (ii) Solomon Worship (idols) - Solomon not only allowed his foreigners Besides, his foreign policy was founded on. <> endobj endobj 192 0 obj endobj 190 0 obj 228 0 obj 11 0 obj ������k2p�G�Ph��3�Ph�p]T�U��=d!r��b=�bM�s��p��t�3�777�7�r���f���fd������ni���r������(2a�a�i�)�]��, The Causes of the Division of Israel's Kingdom. For a limited time, find answers and explanations to over 1.2 million textbook exercises for FREE! Tribal Jealousy . %PDF-1.7 %���� Tribal jealousy and ethnic resentment between Judah and Ephraim played an integral part in the, division. endobj His recognition as king by tribes principally means that they place their military levy permanently at his disposal, as often as he endobj 46 0 obj <>1]/P 12 0 R/Pg 198 0 R/S/Link>> <>stream endobj <> In verse 11 Jehovah said to Solomon, "Because you have done this and have not kept My covenant and My statutes, which I commanded you, I will surely tear … 187 0 obj Division of the Kingdom. The considerable infantry, 12,000 horsemen, and 1,400 chariots proved burdensome in those days. 2 0 obj endobj This is why the Kingdom split up and from that time there was a northern kingdom and the southern kingdom. and have not walked in my ways.” However, God promised that David’s dynasty would continue, albeit over a much smaller kingdom, for the sake … Campaigns of aggression lay outside his appointed task, and he had no concern with the internal politics of the tribes. endobj   Privacy endobj 1 (1) There was an old jealousy between the tribes of the north and south reaching as far back as the time of the Judges. Their, disunity derives its basis from the patriarch Jacob. The monarchy was set to be divided into two distinct divisions: Northern and Southern, divisions. �!5�[�x��M���� ||a8\��B�8 <>13]/P 18 0 R/Pg 198 0 R/S/Link>> Apparently, Israelites struggled with conflicts that involved different tribes. endobj In 2 Samuel 12:10 God told David that the sword wasn’t going to depart from his house because of this sin. The very difference in the northern and southern territories and their products tended to keep alive a rivalry between the tribes occupying them. endobj 188 0 obj application/pdf They were named after the land called Samaria. The reign of Solomon, (David’s son) was characterized by unrest and rebellion. While on Solomon’s errand, Jeroboam met prophet Ahijah, who revealed to, him that God would give him authority over 10 out of the 12 twelve tribes of Israel. endobj Institute of Education Main Campus , Khairpur, University of California, Los Angeles • JEWISH STU M182, Institute of Education Main Campus , Khairpur • TELECOMUNI 101, Copyright © 2020. <> x��Zێ�����޲�����{A��+�-h$�L;�(S�ȓ��7�)vU7�"�~�1��ou�ԩӼ�zX��?�x��_>��O?�~��a��rv���%_0f����Y�����-��Ι���s�P�͍�.w�w��a��}ƚ�����|Z�>��av�Y��+��D��{�`:���Va�*ܯ��U>����=='�՗�����/��T��˿�W�dܦ�}��l�5���0��X$��6�y7��b,7ľ�`sms��}z;a#V�f���"ނ"l=��p��4,����_ҩ���&S0��v��XT�ȿ^~o.���:�Q���2w�am��-��=��q����2��C���`i?%�M����87!��>��2�0L�������M��j��D���%DX��Z=�n��7��mN�em�Z�f��0%�9��� ��i��+���G����6.=�lOÍs��&�h�-^���+G�X#���