€, 5,00 There are approx. The Carolina Reaper is both hot and full of flavor. In order to bring a plant to the stage where you can transplant it you must assure that the temperature during the day does not go below 25ºC and the temperature during the nighttime does not fall below 15ºC. Just be sure to … Basically, with a couple of tricks and whilst following some rules the Chili can be cultivated overall. This Chilli has the name of the reaper for a reason (“Reaper” is derived from the “Grim Reaper”) That the Carolina Reaper the hottest Chili in the world is was not only stated by its creator – Ed Currie – but was also confirmed by the Guinness book of world records with a measure of 1.569.300 Scoville units. You can choose between Priority, Express, and Ground rates. €, 14,95 Yellow Carolina Reaper SEEDS- Packed for 2020- Ships Fast & Free. 1.5 kg. Those who don't fear the Reaper are fools. But don't let its good looks fool you! This pepper--the world's hottest--is beautiful bright red with a rough surface and a long stinger. The Carolina Reaper plant grows best in a mix of earth and natural compost, as well as other natural materials that can retain the water. Furthermore it is an analgesic, that is used for peripheral nerve pain and that has a numbing effect. It is recommended that you use this Chilli in order to produce very hot Chilli Sauces or Salsas. This is why a mini greenhouse is recommended. From shop NaturalNomadFarms. In order to stabilize a new plant 8 to 10 generations must be cultivated and the seeds must be used for the next generations. This is why you need to store tit away from children’s reach. Our Garden Boost Chilli fertilizer delivers your Carolina Reaper plant as well the perfect mix of all the nutrients that it needs. Who wants to enjoy the Carolina Reaper in the autumn should start and plant the seeds in January or February. The first test has concluded that his Chilli 1.474.000 Scoville units measures. If the temperatures during the night are over 29ºC, the flowering phase does not begin. After the plant has grown to a decent strength for transplanting it ca be moved to a bigger pot. THE SIX REAPER RIDERS ORGANIC Plants-Power... Crazy Bastard Sauce Carolina Reaper & ... 9,95 Scoville is the unit with which the heat of a Chilli is measured. The plantation I the open can occur as soon as the plant has reached a height of 15 cm and when there is no more risk of frost. The germination of the seeds needs a moist (not soggy) earth, a lot of light and high temperatures. It is one of the hottest peppers you can find - when you eat it your ears will pop, your body will tingle and everything will feel numb! $3.99/pack for 10 seeds Carolina Reaper is the current record holder for being the HOTTEST PEPPER in the world. €, 11,50 Aji Lemon Drop Pepper Seeds $ 4.99 $ 4.99 Add to cart. Death Spiral Pepper Seeds $ 6.99 $ 6.99 Add to cart. The earth should never be completely wet, but should be kept moist. What most don’t know is that the seeds of the Carolina Reaper cannot be plated immediately in the open. But do not say that we did not warn you first ;-). Best use a pot that has a volume of at least 10 liter. €, 34,95 Search in our Shop and look for what you desire. Watch out – not for the faint hearted! One must take into consideration that the taste, size of the pods as well as the heat can vary depending on the conditions and the climatic influences in which the Chilli is grown. €, 4,95 Carolina Reapers are relatively easy to grow, but original seeds are difficult to find anywhere else!