FIND OUT MORE. Main Dining Room. Have you ever thought about going on a Royal Caribbean cruise for Christmas? These menus cover everything from winery-inspired feasts to amazing regional-specific fare. In a tradition that has endured though the ages, generations gather as family and friends, and the food is as hot a topic of discussion as the day's current events or the latest family news. Some of these include tropical fruits, certain types of seafood such as conch, hot sauces, and rum. The Caribbean, like most tourist locales, has been influenced by the cuisines of many visiting cultures. Bring out your best traditional Christmas dinner menu when you host the big holiday meal. Caribbean Menu. Jamaican Christmas Dinner Jamaican Christmas Ham. You can also choose from any of the six set menus. A Jamaican Christmas dinner menu wouldn’t be complete without Jamaican Christmas Ham! 25 Dec 2019. And at Christmas, with so many friends and families coming together, the communal experience of a … A look at the Christmas dinner menu on Royal Caribbean In: Category: Christmas. Send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. From beef tenderloin to traditional ham, check out our favorite menus for Christmas dinner and use this collection to inspire your next holiday meal. Recommended Cookbook: Jamaican Cookbook: Traditional Jamaican Recipes Made Easy All of our breakfasts and lunches are made with fresh, hand-cut fruits and veggies and are made-to-order. We get a lot of questions about what it is like to cruise on Royal Caribbean over the holidays, so here is a look at the main dining room menu for Christmas day. BOOK BELOW: Our Caribbean Festivities menu is available all day, with Bottomless Festivities available after 5pm and you can book both below! These recipes in The Gleaner Christmas Cookbook… Check out the Caribbean Coffeehouse drink menu, full of delicious flavors, as simple or as wild as you want to get! The cake is packed with fruits that have been soaked in wine or rum, usually for weeks or months in advance. Make your Christmas BOTTOMLESS for just +£20pp! But there are still many unique elements to Caribbean cuisine that set it apart. Caribbean Cook Pot Full Menu We have A large variety of exotic Caribbean menus. We're currently offline. Choose […] To Jamaicans, the terms Christmas cake and Christmas pudding mean the same thing; a deliciously rich fruit cake. Take a moment to peruse our menu. Contact Us. But in the warm Caribbean, pig roasts work for any special occasion. PLEASE NOTE: You can also choose items from our fully compressive menu below, and be quoted on a personal basis. Please make your menu choice and e-mail using our contact page. A true Jamaican Christmas means food - lots of it and delicious too! Packed with rum, it is a staple in most Jamaican homes throughout the festive season. 3 courses £23.95 Caribbean Christmas arrives in Kingston, Dorset, via Kingston, Jamaica!Simon, Cynthia and Ian would like to welcome you all at the Scott Arms to celebrate the festive season with warming log fires, chestnuts to roast and mulled wine and cider to fight off the cold. For this menu, we have included each of these items. Prepared in true Caribbean style this popular meat choice is garnished with pineapples, cherries and cloves.