You should seek independent advice about any legal matter. Furthermore, the special privileges and parking rights afforded to the City of London Corporation vary. It is recognised that one of the main hazards in car parks is over-parking. For complex parking areas, guidance such as the Institution of Structural Engineers’ publication Design Recommendations for Multi-storey and Underground Car Parks and/or the British Parking Association guide New Build Car Park Guidelines would be referred to by designers. Use this handy checklist and advice to help identify the car park safety solutions you need to implement as part of the Indoor-Outdoor Safe Traffic Management for your office, factory or worksite. Parking in hospitals and other sites where healthcare takes place is a shared responsibility between Department for Communities and Local Government, Department for Transport and the Department for Health. Regularly check for potholes or any subsidence that may create adverse cambers and result in accidents. Rules and procedures need to be communicated to all users. Monitor weather predictions in advance, so surfaces can be gritted or sanded before onset of inclement weather. A car park is a surprisingly dangerous place with plenty of potential hazards, such as these… 1. Car parks can be extremely hazardous places. It was found that the barrier had not been secured and drifted open. The laws applying to parking can be somewhat confusing, as there are a number of bodies involved in decision-making. Disruption is caused by obscuring essential pedestrian routes, which makes it difficult for other cars to park alongside or move past safely. Is there sufficient space available for the number of vehicles you expect it to hold and will the car park be visible from nearby buildings? You may have experienced people parking carelessly without consideration for others, which can cause a safety hazard. Start with traffic management and make sure there is an easy-to-follow one-way system in place to minimise the need to reverse or make awkward and difficult manoeuvres. The HSE provides a number of recommendations and suggest that regular physical inspections should be undertaken at different times of the day and in different weather conditions. Disclaimer: The information provided through Legislation Watch is for general guidance only and is not legal advice. The scheme aims to provide guidance to owners, operators and developers of parking facilities (new and existing) on how to establish and maintain a safe and secure parking environment and where this is deemed to be appropriate they can be awarded the “Park Mark” . It recommends that parking areas should: be clearly sign-posted, well lit and easy to find, allow clear visibility for both drivers and pedestrians, have firm, stable, level, well-drained surfaces that are not slippery, have clearly marked parking areas with safe walking areas. Parking Lot Hazards Parking lots carry a number of inherent risks—risks that any organization that owns a lot or provides one to employees or patrons through a third party should be aware of. It’s supported by the Home Office and the Police Service of Northern Ireland, among other partners. If you issue parking permits, for example, make sure these are checked regularly. So, consider lighting carefully, especially during the darker months of the year. Such spaces should also be as close as possible to the buildings they serve. General good housekeeping is also important because if obstructions are left blocking traffic routes, or if driving or walking surfaces become littered, slippery or too dirty, they may cause significant risks to health and safety. For major developments, such as multi-storey or underground car parks, architects and designers use guidance provided by organisations, such as the Institution of Structural Engineers. If your car park is prone to flooding, take steps to address this issue. This provides some general principles about safe parking areas. emptying parking ticket machines of cash. Two keys areas highlighted by the scheme guidance are the need to control the perimeter to the car parking area so that it acts as a deterrent and provides clear demarcation for users. Mike Sopp looks at the potential hazards, the impact of safe design and use, and the benefits of inspection and monitoring. Disruption is caused by obscuring essential pedestrian routes, which makes it difficult for other cars to park alongside or move past safely. This can include measures such as encouraging the use of other means of transport and car sharing. The Department for Communities and Local Government, alongside the Department for Transport, administer policies. Those using and working in car parks (eg parking attendants) can be vulnerable in them. Send or receive emails (50%) 5. The design and construction of car parks is assessed by experts, and the prestigious Park Mark is awarded to those car parks that achieve high standards of safety. If, on the way to your car, you see that another vehicle has been broken into, call the police right away - do not go to your own car. demarcating parking areas specifically for visitors. It also recommends that as part of the monitoring process, users of the car park should be engaged with to ascertain any problems they encounter when using the car park (that the physical inspection may not necessarily identify). Reviewing security management in the pandemic. A number of hazards may have to be considered including: lone working and the potential for assault or robbery, weather extremes and the potential for ill health, being struck by vehicles if moving around the car park. Crime can also be an issue as thieves often target parked cars in car parks, especially where these areas are not under surveillance. In poor weather conditions surfaces may become flooded or slippery due to tree leaves, ice or snow. For instance, transport legislation and policies are the overarching responsibility of Her Majesty’s Government (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). equipment, operation and management, as well as a clean environment. Set an appropriate speed limit to slow traffic down, and consider adding physical elements that have a traffic calming effect, such as permanent, Monitoring car park usage will enable you to judge how successful the measures you have put in place really are, and to make adjustments accordingly. The latter puts emphasis on the need to consider the location of the car park and the potential this may have for attracting unauthorised access for criminal intent or even suicides. This is based upon a number of aspects including: the provision of suitable lighting to reduce dark areas, management systems that review procedures for safe operation, maintenance procedures for any security-related items (eg CCTV), the arrangement of parking areas to reduce obstructions and aid surveillance, controlled pedestrian and vehicular access and egress routes, good and clearly visible signage relating to the safe use of the car park. After all, nobody’s moving very quickly, and most of the traffic is … Ensuring that vehicles are driven safely and parked correctly can be problematic to control. Overcrowding is one of the principle causes of accidents in car parks, so it’s important to check that this does not become a problem. It’s vitally important, therefore, that communication about what is and is not allowed is crystal clear in every instance — which is why good car park signage is a must. The aim is to encourage collaboration amongst local authorities to set and implement high standards. The UK has also been subject to legislation from the EU regarding transport in the past. Information Protection and Cyber Security, fires, particularly in underground or large multi-storey car parks, Call to treat cyber security as a team sport, Second council mulls workplace parking levy, Video conferencing: safety and security considerations. Mike Sopp looks at the potential hazards, the impact of safe design and use, and the benefits of inspection and monitoring. Employers have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment forRead More >, Anyone who runs a business knows that parking is one of the bugbears of modern life. However, in doing so, the employer should give consideration to the security of, for example, bicycles left by employees in car park areas.