Visit the post for more. How to take other supplements with the existing pre workout supplement:-MUSCLE BUILDING-BCAA 5G-GLUTAMINE 5G-CREATINE 5G-CAFFEINE 100MG-CARBS 30-60G (ONLY IF YOU ARE BULKING) FAT LOSS-BCAA 5G-GLUTAMINE 5G-CARNITINE 1000MG -ARH=GININE 1000MG-CAFFEINE 100MG. Been taking BCAAs before workout and creatine + protein post workout - seems working good. As you can see, BCAA has benefits when taken both pre- and post-workout. Take 10g BCAA 5-15mins pre workout and then 2 hours later from the time you took that another 10g, repeat until you break your fast. However, there’s no reason you can’t do both and reap the benefits of BCAAs from start to finish! 0. The first one helps with enhancing your focus, energy, and performance during the workout while the second one boosts protein synthesis and muscle recovery thus helping build bigger, stronger muscles ( 32 ). Not sure if taking BCAA after workout will help you much if taken along with protein which probably already have some in it. Cellxpld 3 0 By Future Tec 560 Grams Iaf Com Stacking pre workout supplements together other pre workout additions bcaas creatine fat burners and protein can you mix creatine and bcaa myprotein jym pre workout pink lemonade gnc February 9, 2020. Can you mix BCAAs and creatine? BCAAs are widely used amongst muscle builders and fitness fanatics, but many people don’t know what that acronym stands for. Depending on your goals, one or the other might be best for you. 2. Pre-workout using BCAAs and creatine; How To Use BCAAs. You can take the pre-workout before your workout and the BCAA after the workout for maximum effectiveness. 209. Info by Guru Mann. I'm not sure how creatine works in regards to breaking your fast but there's no reason to be taking it pre workout, you can take it everyday with food later on and get the same benefits, it's not when you take it but the dose daily that counts. And yes again, you can take a BCAA supp during the workout. Can we mix BCAA, Creatine, Glutamine in PRE WORKOUT DRINK? Yes, you CAN take a pre-workout before exercising (duh, that’s why it’s called a “pre-workout” dude). I’ll write my answer in 5 points: 1. As for creatine you can take it pretty much anytime time just keep it to like 5g a day with water or whatever feels best to you