You may be tempted to buy the less expensive bird but do not expect it to learn your language in a snap. Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. Talking Budgies. Also, cover any mirrors and pull the curtains over windows to avoid crashing accidents. When you let the budgie out, make sure all doors, windows, vents, etc. Keep repeating the same words over and over. Teaching Your Budgie to Talk. If you have another budgie, teach it separately. 1. If you want to bond with your parakeet and keep it stimulated and happy, you can even teach it to talk. Did you know Parakeets have a knack for talking? Click on a term to search for related topics. Steps. There’s a good chance you came here looking for information on the talking abilities of the ubiquitous budgie (budgerigar). So, can parakeets talk at all? A large part of their charm is their ability to speak, but sometimes the skill can be difficult to teach. Parakeets are great mimics that love to speak in the language of their flock, whether that flock consists of other birds or humans like you. All budgies are different, and it can take anywhere from about 3 months to 9 months for a budgie to talk. Training your parakeet to talk while it is still young is recommended. Here are some anecdotal tips for helping your bird learn to talk. Answer: Hi, Budgies are a species of parrot and all parrots have the capability to talk. Always talk to the budgie in a soothing voice and make sure your hand movements are slow and gentle. When kept as a pet, or around humans the parakeet can reproduce the human sounds or “talk.” Most people think that parakeets are just remarkably intelligent, and that is why they can speak. are closed. Can parakeets talk? Part 1 of 2: Preparing Your Parakeet to Talk. These birds are gifted in the talking department and can pick up large vocabularies. Questions by category. Start with easy words like hi, hello, pretty boy, or the bird's name. A male budgie is more likely to learn to talk than a female. Can parakeets talk? The high pitched voice may sound threatening to the budgie. However, avoid baby talking. Listed below are the three factors that can directly affect the issue on can parakeets talk: A male parakeet has a higher chance of learning faster and successfully of the words you train it. can+you+teach+two+budgies+to+talk+at+the+same time, do budgies talk if there are two in a cage, how to teach two budgies to talk, how will you know if your budgie won't talk, possible for.budgies to talk, my parrot still not talking why, why isnt my budgie talking to me, will two budgies talk . Buying a Parakeet for his talking ability is not ethical and should not be done. Have a question? Budgies are much like humans in that their personalities and skills will vary, but most can learn to say a few simple phrases. Thank you for asking Lafeber, Brenda. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Teach the budgie by itself where there are no distractions. Have a limited number of parakeets. Find out all about which parakeet species are the best talkers and how you can train yours to imitate words, phrases and whistles. All parrots are different and some will never talk. Parakeets make wonderful pets. Ask Lafeber. The parakeet has the ability to reproduce the sounds that it hears. Can Budgies talk? Question Title * Question * Your Name * Email * Phone. This skill helps them socialize within their flock.