If you’re already acquainted with burnt cheesecakes, Melted Bakehouse will make you fall in love with the sweet treat all over again with its unique options of lavender honey (from $59), matcha (from $59), and even truffle cheese (from $65.90). The fact that it is sold out for the entire month of June just makes these cheesy treats even more desirable. Playing more like a tart than a cake, Olivia Restaurant’s version is encased in a buttery almond sable crust. Their cheesecakes have a silky molten centre and slightly firmer sides, granting a delicious play on textures. There’s a beautifully toasted top, a creamy centre flecked with notes of blue cheese, and an almond sable base for crunch. Their Basque Burnt Cheesecake (S$39) is a stellar piece of art — a gooey centre draped in a charred blanket. Where to try trendy burnt cheesecake in Singapore, While Bakery Brera doesn’t provide delivery services, those hankering for its treats are welcomed to arrange courier services via Lalamove of GrabDelivery, Photograph: @basquekitchenbyaitor/ Instagram, $12-$25, varies according to your location, free for orders above $180, for more information, and a chance to snag up its new batch of burnt cheesecake, The best bakeries offering cake delivery in Singapore, Home-based bakers we’re looking forward to trying, The best bread delivery in Singapore for sourdough, pastries and buns. Home bakeries have been soaring on the waves of this period and Melted Bakehouse is no exception. If you’re not really into that, their Durian Burnt Cheesecake will beg for your attention. Please try! You’d be seriously wrong to undermine this small shack of a bakery along Empress Road. We kid (but not really!). Spanish blue cheese. If The Kins’ had to pick their one signature dish, it would be the Burnt Cheesecake. Fastest fingers first. And looking at these creamy creations, it’s easy to understand its appeal. They sell it as a 6-inch whole cake, and requires at least a 3 days advanced order. It has the most luscious melty centre, and a perfectly burnt crust. The Basque burnt cheesecake trend has not died down since months ago and we’re loving it. Their cheesecake selection is limited, with only two flavours — original (S$8) and houjicha (S$8.50). We’ve tried many renditions over the past few months and we will go out on a limb to say that this is one of the best Basque Burnt Cheesecakes in Singapore. One bite won’t be enough. This Spanish restaurant serves one of the best versions of the trendy treat. So if you want to snap a slot, you’d better be fast when they release their slots. They also offer macarons and cookies in a wide variety of flavours. The Basque Burnt Cheesecake is basically your regular New York cheesecake — but chao da-ed. It’s supposed to be sensually creamy, cooked till just holding its shape. With a menu that pulls inspiration from Basque Country, it's no surprise to find a Basque-style cheesecake at this restaurant on Amoy Street. The tartness of the berries cleverly cuts through the heaviness of the cream cheese, giving it a superbly balanced profile. The Basque Burnt Cheesecake is basically your regular New York cheesecake — but chao da-ed. It taste thick and creamy and not jalet at all! Order here Follow @sugarwhim for more information on the next pre-order slot. Each slice goes for ($16) while limited quantities of its whole cake ($78) are also available. Meet Bakery Brera, one of the finest neighbourhood bakeries we’ve ever seen. But, Keong Saik Bakery is bringing the waves to you with their latest Seashore Burnt Cheesecake. It’s available by slice ($7.50) or a whole 8-inch cake ($62), and is only available for pre-order and pick-ups. Are we even surprised that Cat & The Fiddle is in this list? Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
. Their bakes are all the product of their esteemed pastry chef, Jason, who’s armed with training from renowned chefs in Ritz Carlton and Star Cruise. Pre-order slots are snagged up within 30 minutes – a testament to the cake’s taste and popularity. But during this period, she’s whisking up brownies and loaf cakes to help sweeten the stay-home humdrum. Get a slice of this cheesy, gooey treat. Turns out, all you need to make a mind-blowing burnt cheesecake is a teaspoon of love. Bakery Brera & Fine Foods 8 Empress Road #01-05 Singapore 260008 Tel: +65 6492 5428 Opening Hours: 7am – 7pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon. Well-versed in the art of European breads and pastries, Enjoue Bakery offers a wondrous take on the basque burnt cheesecake (S$28). We already have this email. Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/keongsaikbakery/. But, the fruits aren’t just for show. It has a burnt crisp top which hides a custardy, wobbly cheesecake underneath. Three, in fact — Classic Vanilla Bean; Fresh Blueberries & 72% Dark Chocolate. Not in terms of stature, but in terms of their goods. Each ($70 for 350g) comes baked with a combination of cream cheese and Spanish cheeses, and features a glorious golden brown sheen that’s almost too pretty to cut into. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! If not you are missing out! Best burnt cheesecakes in Singapore Teaspoon of Love. Minimum order $30 with $5 reservation feeDelivery fee While Bakery Brera doesn’t provide delivery services, those hankering for its treats are welcomed to arrange courier services via Lalamove of GrabDelivery Order here www.bakerybrera.com/shop/. A burnt cheesecake looks good in all its crackly glory, but over at Melted Bakehouse, it takes things up a notch with special renditions of the trendy dessert. Their chocolatey take entails a Valrhona chocolate fudge filling and a cocoa powder coating. For orders of S$42 (before GST) and above, customers get to enjoy free delivery. Where to try trendy burnt cheesecake in Singapore. This cake has got everybody talking. Photo Credit: http://www.instagram.com/mydaily.bread/.