4 of Each: Grow mats, Seed Packs, pH Test Strips Included for 4 harvests. This is a Mix!!! Microgreens are ready after 10 to 25 Sunflower microgreens are easy to grow once you get the hang of it. Brand. Waltham 29 Broccoli Seeds | Non-GMO Bulk Heirloom Broccoli Seeds for Sprouting, Microgreens, Vegetable Gardening, Garden Salad Garnishes, & More (1 Lb), 5-Pack 1010 Garden Growing Trays Without Drain Holes - 10" x 10" Plastic Plant Trays No Holes - Wheatgrass Sprouting Tray, Microgreens Seed Tray, Hydroponic Trays, Nursery Flats, Greenhouse Supplies, Cilantro Seed, Sprouting Seeds, Microgreen, Sprouting, 8 OZ, Non GMO - Country Creek Acres Brand - High Sprout Germination- Juicing, Gardening, Hydroponics, Growing Salad Sprouts, Seed Sprouter Tray Seed Germination Tray BPA Free Nursery Tray for Seedling Planting Suit for Garden Home Office (32cm25cm4.5cm-10pcs Without lid), 1010 Seed Tray - with and Without Holes Combo 10 Pack (10 of Each) - Extra Strength Microgreen and Seedling Trays 10" x 10", Gourmet Mixed Lettuce Greens - Garden Seeds - 1 Lb ~400,000 Seeds - Non-GMO, Heirloom Vegetable Gardening & Microgreens Seed Mix, 10,000+ Microgreens Seeds- Basil Large Leaf, Giant Nobel Spinach Seeds - 1 Lb Seed Pouch - Heirloom, Non-GMO Gardening Seed - Slow Bolt Garden Spinach - Microgreens Seed, Basic Salad Mix Microgreens Seeds | Non-GMO Micro Green Seed Blend | Broccoli, Kale, Kohlrabi, Cabbage, Arugula, & More (1 Pound), Self Watering Indoor Microgreens Kit - Complete Soil Microgreens Growing Kit for Vegetable Seeds & Herb Seeds - Black Sunflower Seeds, Pea Shoots Microgreen Seeds, Swiss Chard Seeds, & Cilantro Seeds, Stackable Stainless Steel Seed Sprouting Kit, 2-Tier Mesh Sprouting Trays, 1 Base and 1 Cover Lid, 10 Plant Growing Trays (No Drain Holes) - 20" x 10" - Perfect Garden Seed Starter Grow Trays: for Seedlings, Indoor Gardening, Growing Microgreens, Wheatgrass & More - Soil or Hydroponic, LeJoy Garden Seed Sprouter Tray BPA Free PP Soil-Free Big Capacity Healthy Wheatgrass Grower with Lid Sprouting Kit 13.4x9.84x4.72 inches(LxWxH), Beet Seed, Beets Sprouting Seeds, Microgreen, Sprouting, 16 OZ, NON GMO - Country Creek Acres Brand - High Sprout Germination- Juicing, Gardening, Hydroponics, Growing Salad Sprouts, 22,000+ Microgreens Seeds- Buttercrunch Lettuce (1 oz. Home Microgreens All rights reserved. - Superfood Seeds Heirloom Non-GMO Delicious Easy to Grow! Microgreens, Sprouting Seeds, Country Creek LLC. These are Organic and Non-GMO seeds. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Non-GMO. Microgreens are generally grown under lights in punnets and trimmed off just before use. Organic Antioxidant Mix of Sprouting Seeds, 1 Pound — Non-GMO Broccoli, Alfalfa, Clover, Rich Germination Rate, Non-Irradiated, Kosher, Vegan Superfood, Bulk, Rich in Sulforaphane, Salad Mix of Sprouting Seeds, 1 Pound - Broccoli, Clover, Radish, Alfalfa, Kosher, Raw, Vegan, Non-GMO Microgreens Seeds - Small Quantity to Bulk, Top Quality Vegetable, Flower, and Herb Seeds. 8 Oz Organic Non-GMO Black Oil Sunflower Microgreens Seeds and Sprouting Seeds (Shell On) - Edible Sun Flower Micro Green Seeds, Organic Sprout Seeds, Seeds for Sprouting, and Sprout Mix, Whole Sunflower Sprouting Seeds: 5 Lb ~ 128,000 Seeds - Black Oil Sun Flower Seeds (Shell On): Microgreens, Sprouts, Flower Gardening - Sun Flower. Non-GMO. We’ve tested many ways of growing sunflower microgreens, and we recommend growing them a bit differently than other microgreens. © Copyright 2020. I have to admit that my first attempts with sunflower seeds involved the shelled hulls from the grocery store. Order bulk microgreen seeds from Everwilde Farms and plant them in your garden! Could not find any results. This is one of my favorite microgreens as it gives body to my salads. But I find the cheapest way to get some uncooked sunflower seeds to use for growing microgreens is actually in Healthy Hydroponic Grow Kit Microgreens - Give The Gift of a Garden.