Ingredients 1 … The Brown Derby, originally called the "De Rigueur" in cocktail books,[1] is a three-ingredient cocktail that was named after the Brown Derby hat-shaped Los Angeles diner. Add both to a small pot and just bring to a boil to emulsify while stirring. Lastly, I spritz the grapefruit rind onto the cocktail and rub the rind around the lip, bowl, and stem. The Brown Derby cocktail was invented in the 1930’s in Hollywood, California. The Brown Derby is a chain of liquor stores located in and around Springfield, Missouri. Once that’s done, I use a small mesh strainer and funnel to get the juice into a little bottle (again, I’m using old Campari Soda bottles — you can use anything). But the fresh juice adds that professional edge to the cocktail. Why are we calling this drink out at this particular moment is pretty straightforward. That’s it. Brown Derby recipe Ingredients for one drink: 1.5 ounces of bourbon 1 ounce of grapefruit juice (preferably fresh-squeezed) 0.5 ounces of honey syrup (mix together equal parts honey and … Born on the Sunset Strip at the illustrious Vendome Club—a celebrity haven and it bar in the ‘30s—the It’s bright, dark, fresh, honeyed, and very sippable. It was opened by Wilson Mizner in 1926. I’m ready to pour. Plus, grapefruit is just coming into season right now. May we suggest the iconic Brown Derby? "[9], Some variants include herbs such as rosemary or sage or substitute rye whiskey for bourbon. The brilliance of this drink is in its simplicity. Look, you can 100 percent use a store-bought grapefruit juice. When you’re looking down the barrel of multiple courses of carbs and protein and then pie, you need a drink this light and refreshing as a stop-gap between rounds of food. Each sip of 360 Geor Load More Follow on Instagram Download our App Contact … It’s a devilishly simple mix of bourbon, fresh grapefruit juice, and honey syrup. The cocktail is a variation on the De Rigueur — which uses scotch instead of bourbon but is otherwise the same. Lastly, the honey adds a velvet texture and really ties the warming bourbon nicely to the sharp citrus. The Brown Derby Is A Perfect Thanksgiving Cocktail, Here’s Our Recipe UPROXX - Zach Johnston. However, a Brown Derby is better when made with maple syrup, as unless you have a very full-bodied honey, maple syrup's 'tang' sits better with the bourbon and grapefruit combo. I then top that up with ice to about 3/4 way to the top. This does two things. The Brown Derby was a chain of restaurants in LA in the 1920s that were shaped like, well, a brown derby hat… I use a 1/2 cup to 1/2 cup mix as that makes enough honey syrup for 16 cocktails. Instead, a bartender at the Vendome Café in Hollywood, invented the combination of grapefruit, honey, and bourbon, and named it after the iconic apparel-themed restaurant, one of which was located nearby. Lastly, I lose the ice from the coupe glass and ready my cocktail strainer and a mesh strainer. [5] It has also been described as "an edgy riff on a Daiquiri"[6] and "wholly unlike most popular whiskey cocktails in that it comes across as light and fresh. grapefruit juice (freshly squeezed), Shaker (a Boston shaker is ideal but an old jar with a tight lid will work too), Bottles or glasses for juice and honey syrup. [3] The cocktail was created at The Hollywood Reporter founder Billy Wilkerson's Vendôme Club on Sunset Boulevard[4] in 1930. As you can see above, there’s a nice froth on the top of the drink. Other than that, it’s just a matter of arm endurance for shaking up a frothy elixir. [7], "Brown Derby | Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails", "The Brown Derby is the Drink Your Tastebuds are Craving", "Brown Derby (Grapefruit Bourbon cocktail)", "Brown Derby Recipe: How to Make a Brown Derby Cocktail", "The Brown Derby cocktail recipe: A drink steeped in Hollywood history — Quartzy", "The Brown Derby | An Old Fashioned Bourbon Grapefruit Cocktail", "The Brown Derby and the Challenges of Working with Whiskey",, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 April 2020, at 20:40. The cocktail was created at The Hollywood Reporter founder Billy Wilkerson 's Vendôme Club on Sunset Boulevard in 1930. Coke’s request for the design was something that was close-fitting with a low crown. You don’t want bits of pulp mucking up your cocktail. Come to Brown Derby and let the Derby Deli help yo Open It’s more than just peachy. Brown Derby Named for the famous hat-shaped restaurant, this simple cocktail of bourbon and grapefruit was the signature drink at LA's 1930s Vendome Club. The Brown Derby, originally called the "De Rigueur" in cocktail books, is a three-ingredient cocktail that was named after the Brown Derby hat-shaped Los Angeles diner. Basically, if you put away stuffing like we do, you’ll be glad to have a few of these as a counterbalance. It’s also actually a bit older than Hollywood, too. But the Brown Derby cocktail wasn’t actually served at the Brown Derby restaurant. While you might think it’s a horse racing drink (like the Mint Julep), the name actually comes from a restaurant. If you don’t store your glasses in a freezer, then the first thing you want to do is add some ice to your glass and set it aside. Time to juice some fruit. It’ll last about a month in the fridge. Let cool completely before use. The Brown Derby. Well, this is a fairly light cocktail all things considered. That’s what you’re looking for. You might not think you need a refreshing drink as winter sets in, but this cocktail will change your mind. Next, I do a bigger shake in front of me in a large oval shape up and down for another 15 or so seconds. I keep mine in leftover Campari Soda bottles as seen below. The Brown Derby was the name of a chain of restaurants in Los Angeles, California. The first Brown Derby was opened in Springfield in 1937 by John A. Morris. If ever there was a time to learn a new cocktail, it’s Thanksgiving 2020. A standard vegetable peeler should do this fairly exactly each time. [8] It has been noted that the honey in the Brown Derby is able to "bridge the gap between bourbon's sweet, earthy, caramel flavors, and grapefruit's acidic, floral tang. If ever there was a time to learn a new cocktail, it’s Thanksgiving 2020. That means it’s time to order in some booze and up those bar skills. The original Brown Derby restaurants had closed or had been converted to other uses by the 1980s, though a Disne… Here’s a drink that’s sweet, citrusy and just plain fun: the Brown Derby cocktail!This 1930’s retro drink is a tasty bourbon cocktail that tones down spicy whiskey with sweet grapefruit juice. 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Yes, the Brown Derby restaurants were, in fact, shaped exactly like a brown derby hat, brim and all. This is to really aerate the drink and build up that froth. I’m using a standard tabletop juicer. The real key to this cocktail is the fresh grapefruit juice that’s properly strained of all of its pulp. Now that’s an era for movies, drinking and letting your imagination run … I shake over my shoulder for about 20 to 30 seconds or until the metal part of the shaker is literally frosting over. I pour through the mesh strainer into the ice-cold glass. It’s got a slight citrus nature with plenty of oak that will shine through with a nice dose of peppery spice to accent the honey and grapefruit. So, I cut the grapefruit in half and then juice both halves. You’re going to need to make a honey syrup (don’t worry, we tell you how to make it below) and squeeze some grapefruits. "[7] One advantage of the Brown Derby is that its ingredients are easy to find; it does not, for example, require any obscure liqueurs.