Nature Safe® feather meal (13-0-0) is derived from poultry processing. Down To Earth’s Feather Meal 12-0-0 is derived from hydrolyzed, dried and ground poultry feathers. Feather meal … It is an excellent alternative to blood meal. It is a pelletized, semi-slow release organic nitrogen source that supplies nitrogen for up to three months. ORGANIC GAIA GREEN Feather Meal is approved for use in … An all-natural source of slow-release nitrogen, it is perfect for corn, tomatoes and fall harvested vegetables. Feather Meal, like Blood Meal, is one of the highest sources of non-synthetic nitrogen available.. The nitrogen in Feather Meal comes from the protein keratin, which has … However, there is one major difference. Our feather meal has been approved by many certifiers and is used on several of the certified organic farms in this area. GAIA GREEN Feather Meal a high nitrogen fertilizer that is made from sterilized, ground poultry feathers. DTE Feather Meal … 99 Down to Earth Organic Fish Bone Meal Fertilizer Mix 4-12-0, 5 lb Please note we have not certified this feather meal ourselves, but we can provide the necessary information from Tyson rendering plant in Harmony, NC (where the feather meal … Feather Meal Fertilizer 12-0-0 Nitrogen Fertilizer"Greenway Biotech Brand" 10 Pounds $39.99 $ 39 . Nature Safe® Feather Meal.